Why a juice cleanse?

Fast, Cleanse, Detox, whatever word you want to call it, at Green Press our juice cleanses aren’t really cleanses…they are so much more.

Our restorative juice plans help you reclaim your body back, ensuring everything is getting dealt with and is firing on all cylinders again. Kind of like your car getting its MOT and service every year.

We believe in the bodies’ inherent wisdom and that given the right nourishment, time and environment, it can, and most importantly will, heal itself and have you punching the air at the top of your own personal Philadelphia Museum steps.

The benefits of a juice cleanse are plentiful; a reset immunity, happy gut, digestive rest, flushing out of toxins, increased energy and mental alertness, better sleep, glowing skin, the list goes on. Whether you cleanse for one day, five days or longer, your body will thank you for giving it the kick start of renewed health.

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