Where do you make your products?

All of our juices, salads, smoothies and sweet treats are made fresh at 525 Little Collins Street. We don’t believe in outsourcing anything as we need to know that everything is of the highest quality. Come in to our store and watch the magic (and stress) happen well into the night. Our juice team are night owls, often finishing as...

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Which of your products contain sugar, gluten or dairy?

None. Zero. Zilch. You can make a digestive case for some products that fall within the dairy and gluten category, but milk is not one...

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Why do you use frozen fruit in your smoothies?

We freeze bananas and some of our berries because it makes for thicker and tastier smoothies. It also allows us to source quality ingredients year...

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What is açaí?

Açaí is a brilliant superfood that is grown in South America. The berry is a potent source of antioxidants and it tastes phenomenal in our...

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What protein powder do you use and why?

Our vegan, plant based protein is as raw as our juices. The Rawfusion product we use is gluten and dairy free. It's made from brown...

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