Wave Goodbye To 'Tuckshop Lady' Arms With These Toning Exercises

We'd all like perfectly toned, beautiful arms. Particularly when the sun comes out and we all embrace a singlet top, there’s never a better time to focus on toning your arms. Here are our favourite moves to get those arms even more beautifully toned, so you’re as confident and fabulous as ever.

Tone those Tuckshop lady arms with these exercises 

Triceps hover

  1. Start kneeling on all fours, with your hands underneath your shoulders, and your hips stacked over your knees.
  2. Bend your elbows to tap the floor, with your hands flat.
  3. Straighten your elbows to lift them back to your starting position.
  4. Repeat 15-20 repetitions.
  5. Finally, hover, lifting your elbows 6cm off floor, with your weight shifted forwards.

Technique tip: Keep your weight shifting forwards throughout the exercise so that your head remains in front of your finger tips. Yes, it’s tough!


Goal post arms

This exercise uses 1kg dumbbells, but you can use water bottles in place of weights.

  1. Bend your elbows by your waist to 90 degrees
  2. Press your arms to shoulder height and open your arms just slightly wider than shoulder width.
  3. Press your arms up 3 cm, hold for one count, then lower 3cm. Repeat 2 sets of 8 reps, then hold for 15 seconds. Repeat entire sequence.

Ski slope

  1. Stand holding your weights, with your arms by your side. Press your arms back, just beyond your hip line, maintaining an open chest.
  2.  Pitch forward to a standing incline position, with your arms open slightly wider than hip distance.
  3.  Draw small circles with arms behind you (think tennis ball sized circles) 10- 15 times, then reverse the direction and repeat. Finish with a 30 second hold. Repeat entire set 2-3 times.

About the Author: Barre Body

As Australia’s favourite boutique workout, Barre Body is a gorgeous fusion of vinyasa, yoga, Pilates and ballet barre conditioning. It is designed to work the entire body; sculpting longer, leaner muscles. The beauty of the Barre Body method is the combination of interval training, stretching and sculpting, which creates total body toning. Barre Body has eight stunning studios in Melbourne (Flinders Lane, Windsor, Fitzroy and South Melbourne), Brisbane and Sydney (CBD, Bondi Junction and Surry Hills). Find out more at or on Instagram @barrebody.


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