Cold Brew Coffee: Why It's The Healthier Coffee Option

Coffee ain’t coffee! So what is this cold drip all about?

Is Coffee Good For You?

It’s a topic that divides the health industry, is coffee good for you? Sure, there are negatives to drinking coffee but there are negatives to eating dates too! Everything in moderation I say! When it comes to coffee, however, there is a healthier alternative that doesn’t mean skipping your morning caffeine hit. Cold brew coffee is the healthier option you have been looking for!

A lot of the negative health concerns associated with coffee have to do with its high levels of acidity. This is where cold press drops in to save the day! It’s lower in acidity that espresso and thus easier on the digestive system and softer on the palate (say goodbye to bitterness) which means you definitely don’t need sugar.

How Is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

The method of cold brew means (surprise surprise) that the coffee beans don’t come into contact with hot water. No hot water = a sweeter flavour, sans bitterness! The process is fairly simple and involves soaking ground coffee in water for anywhere between 12-24 hours depending on the desired strength. You can mix it with cold-pressed almond milk or drink it straight up without adding anything at all. The method allows the complexities of the flavours to shine through, imagine a coffee where you can naturally taste the flavours of chocolates, fruits, vanilla and nuts! That’s one well-rounded cup of Joe!

The chemistry behind it all is fairly simple. When coffee is exposed to hot water it releases oils that create the bitter flavour often associated with an espresso, of course the roasting process also affects bitterness but that’s another story for a different day. This stringency contributes to people adding sugar. The oils that come out as a result of the hot water stick to your tongue, preventing you to taste the subtleties in the coffee. These bitter oils don’t dissolve at lower temperatures, which is why cold brew is naturally sweeter and less bitter. It’s sweet, crisp and delicious! The clean alternative to an espresso that still gives you all the kick you are after.

Why Is It Better For Your Digestive System?

If you are like me and suffer from a weak digestive system you know the importance of reducing acidic foods in your diet which means coffee is technically on the ‘no go’ list. The high levels of acidity in coffee also wreak havoc on your teeth. Ever met a long-term coffee drinker? There certainly isn't anything pearly and white inside their mouths. Never fear, cold drip is here!  The reduced levels of acidity (cold drip coffee can have up to 67% less acid in it than it’s hot friend) makes it easier on the digestive system and stomach whilst helping to keep your pH levels in check. Your insides (and your teeth) will thank you, trust me.

Have you tried cold brew yet? Tell me what you thought!

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