5 Ways to Prepare for Summer

Oh summer, how we love you! Sunny days, balmy nights, beaches, picnics, swimming and holidays. For you lucky folk in the southern hemisphere all of these wonderful things are finally in full swing. That doesn’t mean join a gym, start a fad diet and stress daily about achieving that ‘beach ready body’, once a year health kicks never last and do you more harm than good. Instead, think of the change of season as a time to reflect on your goals and prepare yourself for what’s ahead. It’s the perfect time to reset your mind, body and soul.

5 Ways To Prepare For Summer

1. Clean Out Your Insides

The change of a season is a great time to cleanse your body from the inside out! Starting a juice cleanse at this time will help you let go of the winter comfort foods and embrace the fresh, vibrant fruits and vegetables that are plentiful in summer. Cleansing can help you let go of that sluggish winter feeling and embrace a lighter, healthier look on life. You will find that your mind is sharper and your goals are clearer. If you want to know more about the amazing benefits of cleansing check out this article (Link to previous post about cleansing)

2. De-Clutter Your Space

A cluttered room breeds a cluttered mind. Mess breeds stress, disorganization and can even cause sickness (dust mites are nasty things)! Clean out your wardrobe, let go of those old jackets you’ve been holding onto for 3 seasons “incase you might need it”, donate what you don’t need to charity and think of the whole process as making space for cute summer dresses – that’s a better way of looking at it!

3. Get Some Zen

With the warm summer days, beautiful parks and weekends at the beach it’s hard to remember that this time of year can actually be very stressful. The most magical time is over in one stressful surreal blur. Instead of getting caught up in new years resolutions, commitments to family/friends/self-improvement, take up a daily meditation practice to help you stay present, aware and creative. Check out 1 Giant Mind. They have an app that will teach you how to meditate. It’s a great way to keep your head in check and not to mention a powerful tool to help you become clearer on your goals for the new year.

4. Start Your Day With A Smoothie

The BEST thing about summer, besides the weather, is the food! Summer fruits are so tasty and nourishing for your body and smoothies are a great way to jam more fruits and vegetables into your day. Eating seasonally is what our bodies are programmed to do. Start your day with a smoothie full of summer fruits and vegetables. If you want to know what’s in season check out this site, it’s a great resource.

5. Connect With Nature, Put Away The Phone

Summer days are longer so there’s more time to get outside! Put down the phone and go out for some fresh air, without being attached to a device. Take a moment to breath and absorb the buzzing summer energy. Take time to be present, reflect and do something you love, sans technology. Try it, even for just an hour a day. You can tweet about it later.

What's your favourite summer activity? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.


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