Top 5 Ways to Prepare for a Juice Cleanse

If you are just about to try a cold pressed juice cleanse for the first time, well done you for taking a positive step towards better health! Here’s some useful tips to help you get started.

How to prepare for a juice cleanse:

  1. Pick your timing - Don’t attempt a cleanse when you know you have 3 dinners out, a work lunch meeting, birthday drinks and breakfast with friends. Choose a time where you have less on and can use the time you save from not having to cook (it’s surprising how much free time you end up with) to relax, reflect and have some much deserved you time.
  2. Start changing your diet a few days before - In the lead up to your cleanse start by eating less meat and animal products and begin to wean yourself off caffeine. Opt for salads, veggies and herbal teas to start the detox process. This way your body won’t go into too much shock when you begin cleansing.
  3. Keep a diary - Get yourself a journal and document the process of the cleanse. It’s surprising how many things can come up and having a journal on hand to keep track is a great way of reflecting post-cleanse.
  4. Sign up for a yoga or meditation class - Once you make the time in your schedule to take a cleanse it’s an excellent opportunity to sign up for a trial at your local yoga or meditation school, or download some guided meditation to practice at home. Not only will it give you something to focus on other than food but it will enhance the spiritual and emotional benefits of cleansing.
  5. Try body brushing - You can buy a body brush from most health food stores and some chemists. Body brushing helps to stimulate the lymph system and removes dead skin cells daily. It feels beautiful and is the perfect way to pamper yourself before your morning shower.

Remember that everybody is different. Take this time to listen to your body and work with what’s right for you. Happy cleansing!

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