How to Stay Healthy Whilst Traveling

Staying healthy whilst travelling is just as important as staying healthy at home.

How to be a healthy traveller

I’ve been on the road now for 6 months and I’ve been able to maintain a plant based diet (sans, gluten, dairy and soy) that has been mostly organic. The reason i’ve been able to do this? Fruit and vegetables are cheap! You can get them all over the world and all you need is a knife then BOOM! Delicious salad!

It can be daunting traveling to a new country, especially when you don’t speak the language. Where am I going to buy my chia seeds I hear you asking? Firstly, chill. Life without chia seeds or coconut oil is not going to kill you or make you unhealthy. Stick to the basics; fruit, vegetables, grilled fish or meat (if that’s your thing). The extras are just a bonus if you can find them.

With a little bit of research and preparation you can be the healthiest you’ve ever been and not even need a blender!

Here’s my top 4 tips for staying healthy on the road:

1. Pack the essentials.

The best place to start is at home. Insuring you have the essentials will remove any barriers that stand in the way of you and wellness.

  1. A good knife -  A good knife means salad, fruit and vegetables wherever you go. A small pocket knife will make life easier in so many ways - be sure to put it in your checked in baggage, otherwise by by knife. While you’re at it throw in a spork. A what? I hear you ask. A spork is at travel knife, spoon and fork all in one. This little bad boy adds a whole lot of convenience on the road.
  2. A travel bowl. A very worthy investment. Get yourself to a travel store and pick up a collapsible bowl, they are light easy to use and much more sturdy and environmentally friendly than constantly buying plastic ones along the way. You can also use it flat (collapsed) as a chopping board. There’s nothing more disappointing then not having anything to eat your delicious produce from.
  3. Your travel yoga mat - Not only will it double as a sleeping mat when things get tough, it’s a great way to insure there are no excuses for not practicing yoga or exercising on the road. Airport yoga is my new favourite thing.

2. Start with a good breakfast.

Breakfast is the foundation of a good day. If you start your day with a sugary pastry you are setting yourself up for sugar cravings and bad food choices. Instead head to a local market -  they are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture - and stock up on local fresh fruit and vegetables. Use your knife to make a delicious fruit salad and top with some nuts for an added protein boost (right about now you will be thanking the stars for your spork and bowl). If you have access to a kitchen make yourself some eggs and vegetables, or cook up a delicious porridge. Starting with a nutrient dense meal means you will make better choices during the day. Your wallet will thank you too!

3. Practice self control and moderation.

One of the most exciting things about traveling is experiencing new foods. This doesn’t mean you need to over indulge every day. Treat yourself every now and then to a local treat and don’t feel bad about it. YOLO is a good motto, just not for every meal.

4. Get out there and explore!

I’m not telling you to travel the world eating only fruit salad you’ve prepared in your hotel room. Get out there! Explore new ingredients! The world is full of healthy food! Do some research into local delicacies, you’d be surprised by the healthy options you’ll discover.  You might find a new spice you’d never heard of with amazing healing properties, or even a raw cheesecake shop in the middle of Paris.

But what about exercise I hear you say? Stay tuned for my tips on how to keep fit and active whilst traveling.

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Do you have a tip for staying healthy on the road that's not on the list? Share it in the comments below!

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