Humans of Green Press: Meet Miles

In this series we are bringing you the 'Humans of Green Press'. An insight into the wonderful, talented and passionate team behind the Green Press brand. These guys don't just bring you cold pressed juices and deliciously healthy food, they work, live and breathe the Green Press values. 

Meet Miles, the talented Chef behind that delicious cashew cream cheese. 

All time favourite ingredient and why?

Pepper, salt is a staple in all cooking but I feel pepper and peppercorns don’t get enough credit. Bouquet Garni in stocks and soups, Pickling and the perfect napoli sauce all need pepper. Not to mention a good BBQ seasoning. BAM! It just sets it right off.

What’s your top tip for staying healthy?

Knowledge and perseverance are crucial, know what your eating and what it does to your being. What role does it play in your own internal ecosystem? When you know what’s good, build on that, change in steps not bounds a sip of green juice won’t kill you.

What’s your life mantra, or quote that you live by?

My catchphrase changes on the regular. But what really sticks with me is "oh shit omars coming". Or focus on the bigger picture. One of the two.

If you could BE any Green Press juice, which flavour would it be and why?

'Cayenne West', because I have a big ego. Enough said.

If you had a superpower what would it be? 

My mother used to say, "the world doesn’t revolve around me". So I would have the power to manipulate space and gravity. Allowing me to levitate and rotate around the planets, to manipulate gravity around myself allowing objects to orbit me. Breathe in space by creating my own oxygen bubble/ecosystem around me also disrupting the amount of oxygen in my vicinity.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Probably me. Or Miles Teller. If he drops out then Dave Franco.

What would your perfect last meal on earth be?

Anything from my personal repertoire but cooked by a clone of me. Or LaCasalinga Pizza, salami, olives, fresh sliced tomato, oregano, olive oil, a side of anchovies, and a 'Green Press Kalling In The Name Of', followed by a 'Life of the Latte' and fresh cinnamon donuts.

Early bird or night owl?

I love early mornings, I make some of my greatest jokes in the AM. And cheese tv! I wouldn’t miss that for the world in the 90’s/00’s

What’s you’r signature Party Trick?

Dance, I can get down. I was twerking 9 years ago. And a bit of magic. Not to mention I can spin a yarn like Rumpelstiltskin.

Ideal holiday destination?

A white sandy beach with crystal blue water, no muss, no fuss. Maybe a volcano near by, some cheap local street food. Or Edinburgh, I love Edinburgh.

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