Humans Of Green Press: Reece Carter

In this series we are bringing you the 'Humans of Green Press'. An insight into the wonderful, talented and passionate team behind the Green Press brand. These guys don't just bring you cold pressed juices and deliciously healthy food, they work, live and breathe the Green Press values. 

Meet Reece Carter, naturopath, self confessed 'herb-nerd' and the new Green Press Brand Ambassador. 

All time favourite ingredient and why?  

That’s like asking me to choose between my children! I know it’s a health nut cliché to say kale, but I genuinely think that might be it. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that has the added benefit of helping liver detoxification and hormonal balance. So many thumbs up for this versatile veggie.

What’s your top tip for staying healthy?

Don’t get so caught up in the nitty gritty that you can’t see the woods for the trees: basics like good hydration, daily exercise, and a wholefoods diet are essential, so make them a priority.

What’s your life mantra, or quote that you live by?

Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.

If you could BE any Green Press juice, which flavour would it be and why?

Sesame Treat, because I’d be delicious and people wouldn’t want to take their hands off me.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

To fly! I’ve said the same thing since I was six and I’m sticking to it.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Me! I’m a bit of a perfectionist and wouldn’t trust anybody else to do it right.

What would your perfect last meal on earth be?

I think my last meal would have to be my Mum’s slow-cooked lamb. It’s impossible to beat. I still try and replicate it in my own kitchen but it never matches hers.

Early bird or night owl?

Total morning bird here. I like to get up and get things done! I find my body’s natural rhythm works best that way.

Do you have a party trick? If so, what is it? 

It’s not exactly a party trick, but I do seem to spend a huge amount of time at social events talking to people about health. It’s a side-effect of loving your job, I guess; I’m forever giving people herbal health hacks to better their wellbeing. I think new people love it, and my old friends secretly wish I’d shut it.

Ideal holiday destination?

I’ve travelled a lot and love so many corners of the world, but the south-west coast of Australia is pretty hard to beat. Sun, sand, and some pretty epic Aussie coastline.

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