How to Stay Healthy as A New Mum

The minute I gave birth to Remy, time changed. No longer did hours and days exist, it all became minutes and seconds, and they disappear quicker than my dignity in the birthing suite.

Prior to having a child, I often wondered what parents did all day. Don’t get me wrong, I know they spent all their time loving and caring for their children, but I honestly had no idea what they physically did ALL day long.  Well wonder no more, because my little time thief can devour more time in a day than physics can explain. Between feeds, vomiting, changing nappies, playing games, getting her to sleep then staring at her angelic face like a stalker while she sleeps, there isn’t a lot of time leftover for whipping up raw vegan desserts.

3 months and 18 poo explosions later, we've gotten to know each other well enough to form a loose routine and to allow me to get back into healthy eating patterns. However, organisation and preparation is key. Which are two characteristics I've never possessed. Below is what I have learnt in the past 12 weeks in regards to time and health management.

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How to Stay Healthy as A New Mum

Seize the day. Or rather the 30 minutes you have to spare. Once I know Remy has settled in for her morning sleep, I will hurry and make as much food as possible as anticipating that she will nap later in the day can result in a serious case of ‘hangry’. I try to get productive during her first nap then relax during any subsequent sleeps. I knock up huge salads that can last us 2-3 days, large pots of quinoa or brown rice and throw lean meats and vegetables into the slow cooker with a bit of chilli, ginger, garlic and tamari.


Not much I need to say about this except, with the right balance of ingredients, they will become your time saving bestie. Pack them full of good fats and greens (check out the Green Press guide: How to create the perfect smoothie) and they will become a meal you can consume with only one hand, and if you have been working on your kegels, no hands. Kidding.

Hoard Food

But not in the bad way. Open up my handbag (no, I don’t call it a nappy bag, Remy can have her own bag when she makes her own money!) and you’ll see food, because a 10 minute trip to the corner shop can turn into a 90 minute drive because she’s finally asleep and you DO NOT poke the sleeping dragon. Bliss balls, carrots, apples, coconut water and little bags of popcorn, organic corn chips and nuts can all keep well in a bag, just make sure you eat them before a funky smell becomes apparent.

And lastly, don’t ask a parent what they do all day. This advice is good for everybody’s health. In all honesty, I can’t answer that question as I have no idea how I woke up fresh and clean at 6am, blink and its already 2pm and I am hooked up to a coffee IV with the familiar odour of sour milk and an extra 150 baby photos on my iPhone. Don’t judge.

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