What To Do When You're Food Shamed

Food Shaming; it doesn’t discriminate these days. You can be scorned for eating a Big Mac or for eating superfoods. According to some of the biggest Australian online news sources, people don’t want to see you drinking an organic, sustainably farmed cold pressed juice. And they also don’t want to see you to feed your kids chips and sugar laden lollies.  

So, How Can We Win?

As someone who generally eats a lot of salads and more green smoothies than sausage rolls, you would think that I have avoided food shaming. Not so much. I see the people beside me roll their eyes when I ask the barista what dairy-free milk they stock or colleagues exchange looks when I bring a moss coloured smoothie in to work (eye roll again).  I often feel the need to explain why I don’t eat dairy or why I want the dressing on the side, even though it really isn’t anybody’s business and I don’t need an excuse. Don’t go thinking I am completely innocent however; I am guilty of the occasional snort when a gym singlet-wearing cross-fitter asks about the protein content of the Paleo meal in front of him.  But if this buff gym junkie asked me why am I laughing, I would not have an honest answer for him.

In an age where health matters, why is it ok to make fun of someone about it.   We don’t make fun of someone for wearing a hat in the sun? Or smirk when we book an appointment with physiotherapist? So why are we scorning people for looking after their internal health?

Well, its time I stuck my metaphorical middle finger up to those who judge. If I want to take a photo of my kick-arse acai bowl in the middle of the café, I will. If I want to share super salad recipes online, I will. If I want to bring my own carton of coconut milk to the barista (and say “please” really sweetly), I will.  Because at the end of the day, I am responsible for my own health, and I would rather see a snide smirk than a doctor.  

Take a stand with me; hold up that green smoothie (or finger) with pride, because health is no laughing matter.

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