12 Ways To Eat A ‘Real’ Food Diet

Eating ‘REAL Food’ will help you look and feel better by giving you more energy, clearing your brain, helping your body deal with stress and helping boost your immune system and gut health. So, how do you do it? Welcome to ‘Real’ Food 101.

1. Start With What You Really Enjoy

Maybe it’s enjoying real butter or perhaps it’s beginning the day with 3 whole eggs and avocado. Just get rid of the processed, packaged, sugary crap. Your body will begin to thank you for eating nutrient dense food and ask for more.

2. Eat With The Season

Fresh fruit and veg that are in season are more nutritious and cheaper! Visit your local farmer’s markets or if you’re short on time, sign up for a box of local organic produce to be delivered straight to your door.

3. Purge Your Pantry Of All Junk

Stop eating and buying processed foods today!

4. Include Some Healthy Fat With Each Meal

Ghee, coconut oil, olive oil (not to be heated), avocado, nuts and seeds. Just stay away from vegetable oils including canola, corn, or soybean oil.

5. Eat Fermented

Try to consume cultured foods such as sauerkraut, pot set organic yoghurt and kimchi. They'll cultivate a healthy intestinal flora and boost your immune system. 

sauerkraut recipe for green press eating

6. Minimally Processed Gluten-Free Grains

Try quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and millet. You'll be surprised how tasty and versatile they are!

7. Limit Your Sweets

When you want a little sweetness in your life try to use minimally processed, nutrient-rich sweeteners such as raw honey, organic maple syrup, or dates.

8. Ditch The Dairy

Start with your choice of milk as their are much better plant-based alternatives to drinking something designed for another species.

9. Don’t Fear Real Salt

Choose a high-quality sea salt -like a Celtic. It’s full of essential minerals and does not contribute to health issue like it’s powdery white modern cousin.

10. Meat's Fine, But Know Your Source

Factory raised meat and poultry should be entirely avoided, which means passing on meat at most restaurants. Choose fish that are wild and sustainable.

11. If You're Vegetarian

Take extra care to make sure you are consuming beans, legumes, brown rice, spirulina and nutritional yeast.

12. Eat With Joy

How we eat is just as important as what we eat, so be present while you are munching and enjoy every bite.


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