Humans Of Green Press: Jo Lippold

In this series we are bringing you the 'Humans of Green Press'. An insight into the wonderful, talented and passionate team behind the Green Press brand. These guys don't just bring you cold pressed juices and deliciously healthy food, they work, live and breathe the Green Press values. 

Meet Jo, our Brand Manager (officially) and all round superstar. Jo spends her days working on our marketing and communications, HR, customer engagement, keeping the boss organised and coming up with killer puns (a pre-requisite of working here). Basically, she get's shit done. 

1. All time favourite ingredient and why?

Garlic. It is so good for you and it just makes any (savoury!) dish taste amazing

2. What’s your top tip for staying healthy?

DRINK WATER. I try and drink 3 litres a day. You know that feeling when you can’t work out what you want, but you want something. It’s because you’re dehydrated. And SLEEP. You will never make a good choice when you are tired.

3. What’s your life mantra, or quote that you live by?

It’s never too late and you always have a choice.

4. If you could BE any Green Press juice, which flavour would it be and why?

Being a Brit, it would have to be Strawberry is My Jam. Reminds me of Wimbledon and the start of English summer time.

5. If you had a superpower what would it be?

To fly so that I could travel for free with no eco guilt.

6. Who would play you in the film of your life?

Jennifer Lawrence. She rocks a crop hair-do like a boss, and seems like an all-round good chick who speaks her mind.

7. What would your perfect last meal on earth be?

My mum’s roast beef with homemade Yorkshire pudding and ALL THE TRIMMINGS.

8. Early bird or night owl?

Early bird. Getting up before sunrise is just magic.

9. Do you have a party trick? If so, what is it?

I know the entire rap of Eve ‘Let me Blow Your Mind’. Or doing a forward roll in the middle of dance battles

10. Ideal holiday destination?

India…just all of it. It has everything and the best food on the planet.

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