How To Spoil Mum This Mother's Day - From The Heart, Not The Wallet

One of the best things about Mother's Day (aside from celebrating all that is Mum-derful) is that spoiling your Mumma doesn't have to be hard, or expensive! We're talking about the woman who put your finger paining of a dog (or was it a horse) on the fridge when you were five and treated you as if you were Picasso himself. You can only go up from there..

Jokes aside, Mums are important! They gave us the greatest gift of all - life! The least we can do is show them we appreciate all the things they have done for us by making them feel extra special this weekend.

Here's some tips to help you spoil your Mum this Mother's Day - from the heart, not the wallet.

Breakfast in Bed.

This has always been a tradition in my family. Mothers day, fathers day, birthdays, whatever the occasion we like to celebrate by eating in bed and then regretting it that night whilst rolling around in our crumbs. Try making a deliciously healthy smoothie for your Mum as a crumb free option, or go all out with pancakes, smoothies and a cup of tea - just be sure to invest in a good tray!

Cook something delicious!

Mum's love it when they don't have to cook. Surprise your Mum by cooking her favourite dinner. However, not everyone is Jamie Oliver in the kitchen so if it's not your thing to cook up a feast (without a day of stress and anguish) opt for something simple and impressive that requires zero culinary skill. This raw chocolate recipe tastes as good as it looks and is sure to blow your Mum away.

Give the gift of time, the most priceless gift of all.

When was the last time you spend quality time with you Mum? Without being distracted by instagram, the TV or your computer? Ditch the technology and take your mum out for a 1-on-1 coffee and cake or go for a distraction free stroll together.

Get creative and DIY!

Remember when your Mum cherished the pipe-cleaner heart you created for her as a 6 year old? Chances are she's going to be even more impressed with your adult motor skills and creativity! One of the best gifts I've ever created for my Mum was a crystal necklace. I got the healing crystals from a hippy at a market who helped me select the perfect stones for my Mum and then I made a necklace to hold them in (thank you YouTube tutorial). It looked so pretty I even made myself one to match! How's that for cute.

Put pen to paper.

This is probably the easiest, cheapest and most thoughtful gifts you can give. Put pen to paper and tell your Mum how much you love her, your favourite memory together and why you are grateful for having her in your life. You don't even need to buy a card! Just print a nice photo and write on the back. Sweet sentimental and sure to impress your Mum.

How are you spoiling your Mum this Mother's Day? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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