Which Almond Milk May Cause Cancer?

There is a particular C word to look out for when you are turning around your next box of almond milk. Carrageenan.

What's Wrong With Carrageenan?

This unnecessary food stabiliser is used by big business so that your milk looks thicker and consistent in colour. This means that you can ignore the “shake before use” instructions and your milk will look deliciously white like the dirty dairy habit you’re trying to kick. You won’t see shades of clear followed by shades of cream, as is experienced when a clean nut milk is poured after settling.

The problem with catering to those who refuse to shake is that you are introducing an unnecessary ingredient with no nutritional value. Beyond that, this stabilising seaweed may well be carcinogenic.

The impact food-grade carrageenan has isn’t conclusive but we do know that the degraded version accelerates cancer formation, can lead to diabetes and creates inflammation. Dr Tobacman determined this in Chicago while experimenting with laboratory mice.

Despite the lack of studies on food grade carrageenan on humans, it sounds way too risky. Ulcers, inflammation, intestinal lesions and colon cancer were all recorded in lab animals. We are talking about an optional ingredient, one that is only implemented for cosmetic reasons.

Now which milks feature the c word you ask? Well for one, Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze. According to our wholesaler, this is by far and away the most popular choice by cafes and juice bar owners in Melbourne.

So What Do You Do?

You look for a small batch manufacturer in your city. Or you make your own.

In Melbourne, we have the Almond Milk Co. The product is only fresh for 7 days so you're

or you can make your own. It’s unbelievably easy and we’ll convey that soon with some video demonstrations.


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