3 Turmeric Smoothie Recipes That Will Make You Healthier

Turmeric has been used in Ayuervedic Medicine for over 3000 years. Yet it's only just gained western popularity. In the States, it's seeked out nearly 400% more now than it was just a few years ago. 

Why Is Turmeric So Popular?

It's often regarded as one of the best natural anti-inflammatories but it's list of benefits runs much deeper than that. 

Turmeric can help with:

  • digestion
  • immune support
  • exercise recovery
  • skin heath, when applied topically and / or orally
  • brain function
  • joint pain
  • balancing blood sugar levels
  • liver function
  • heart health

How To Use Turmeric

It's most commonly used in Indian recipes. Curries especially. I don't make enough of those but I love a tablespoon of dried powder in my smoothies. It's one of my go to ingredients when I'm feeling a cold coming on. And I love to put it in a post workout smoothie. Turmeric will help your body repair faster after exercise so you don't have to wait one week between gym sessions.

Another common recipe is the turmeric latte. You can order them at trendy cafes or make your own. My version tastes better than anything you'll find out but you have to do the work. I love it after dinner when I'm craving something naughty. Keeps me away from ice cream and chocolate.

Lastly, turmeric goes exceptional in cold pressed juices. If you juice at home, get your hands on some. Because the flavour if subtle you can mix it in with any recipe.

Do I Buy Fresh Or Turmeric Powder?

Fresh is always best but it's much harder to come by. I don't want to give you a reason to miss out. Which is why we recommend powder in most recipes, because you guys have no excuse to not have it sitting in the cupboard at all times.

3 Turmeric Smoothies Recipes To Make You Healthier

Without further ado, let's get stuck into our SICK infographics. So proud of these bad boys.

1. Age Fighting Turmeric Smoothie

age fighting turmeric smoothie infographic green press

We've got so many nutrients in this combo, beyond the turmeric. They're all designed to fight ageing, principally because of the antioxidant content. You can even add two handfuls of green to take it another step further. 

My favourite age fighter that you might not be aware of is coconut oil. The good fats are not only hydrating to your skin, making them look younger, but they also nourish your brain. Coconut oil will not only help you focus day to day but it will help protect you against the age related degenerative diseases that occur.

Lastly, the coconut milk used in this recipe is thin. However, if you want to use the canned stuff you absolutely can. Just make sure you use about 1/4 cup of a can and do the remaining 3/4 with filtered water.

Then just blend all the ingredients and enjoy it fresh.


2. Mango Unchained Smoothie 

mjango unchained smoothie recipe infographic - mango turmeric banana

There's no better use of an overripe mango than in a smoothie. You know the darker, bruised ones that you're too precious to eat? Cut those babies open and get them in the blender.

It's hard to be humble with this recipe, it's perfect. We've got greens, protein and superfoods. And the end result is delicious. Get stuck into this one when mango are in season.

3. Golden Milk Smoothie

golden milk turmeric smoothie recipe

Inspired by the previously mentioned turmeric latte. The combination of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and honey is hard to beat. This version is colder and even more nutritious.

If you're a vegan or take issue with anti-viral, immune boosting raw honey then swap in maple syrup.

</span>You need to eat more vegetables. And you can't skip breakfast. So commit to a green smoothie each morning and start looking healthier.</p>
<p><span>You've got the blender. We've got the recipes. Get started now.</span>
You need to eat more vegetables. And you can't skip breakfast. So commit to a green smoothie each morning and start looking healthier.

You've got the blender. We've got the recipes. Get started now.


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