Should You Buy A Vitamix Or An Optimum?

This blender comparison article is written out of hope. Hope for common sense, hope for practical consumerism, hope that people make purchases on evidence and not sheep-ness.

Which Blender Is Best

I've spent at least 10 000 hours behind a blender. When we had our retail store it was absolutely non-stop. And we had the two most popular blender models in Australia. A Vitamix and an Optimum. Truth be told, we bought a few of each over the years.

The Vitamix Blender, Is It Worth It?

Firstly, let me say that Vitamix blenders aren't $350 in Australia like they are on Amazon. They normally start at $1100. If you're comparing coffee spots and one of them makes a good brew for $4 and the other makes something similar for $12, you'll find it hard to justify the latter.

Nevertheless, when we opened the Green Press retail store in 2013 our first choice was a Vitamix.

"It's $1200 bucks but it must be the best in the market. All my executive chef's have used it", exclaimed Miles, our head Chef, who had just returned from New York.

Not one hour into unwrapping that bad boy did disbelief set in. This thing can't even make an acai bowl out of frozen bananas! From that moment and continuous examples since we were speechless about how a product can have the reputation of a Rolls Royce, yet the horsepower of a Corolla.

Yet, somehow, Vitamix purchasers still exclaim how amazing they are. Are they aware that there is a blender on the market that is five times more capable and nearly one-third the price? I don't care what Kourtney Kardashian or Miranda Kerr were paid to tell us, the Vitamix is a poser. I proudly watch every single Kardashian episode and Kourtney spends about as much time cooking as Kris spends being likeable.

Which Is The Best Blender To Buy?

What machine is significantly better at making homemade almond milk, acai bowls, nice cream, green smoothies, vegan salad dressings and raw desserts you ask? The Optimum 9400. This product blatantly plagiarises the Vitamix design and warranty, and shamelessly undercuts it in cost. It's so cheap that it's actually detrimental to the reputation of Optimum. It's $479, or thereabouts, yet it's significantly better than the Vitmaix models that are more than twice the price. Much sharper, more powerful, more reliable and even better customer service.

Green Press is not getting paid for this endorsement, though if we were smart we would set up some kind of Affiliate program. Though that sounds like too much effort doesn't it? We just want to tell the good folks reading our blog that the Vitamix is grossly overhyped. Go the cheaper option, you won't get what you paid for, you'll get a lot more.

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