Winter Wellness: 4 Tips to Keep You Healthy This Winter

As someone who has endured not one, but TWO winters in a row (first Melbourne, then Germany) I feel that I am qualified to help prepare you (if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) for the oncoming winter.  My first piece of advice? Never sign up for two winters in a row, it’s not a good idea. Ever.

Winter Wellness

1. Let thy soup be thy friend!

Soups are the smoothies of the colder months. During winter your body spends a lot of energy keeping you warm, so if you start guzzling freezing cold smoothies or munching down on summer salads every day it goes into freak out mode. Swap the smoothies for a soup or some nourishing broth. Better still, fill that soup with more vegetables than you thought your saucepan could hold, blend it up, add some spices, loads of garlic and BOOM winter immunity in one tasty bowl!

2. Fight the cold, before you get it!

Winter tends to be a time when everyone around you starts to sniffle, and before you know it your entire workplace is at home in bed with the flu. Don’t let it get you! Add more turmeric to your life! It’s an amazing anti-inflammatory food that will help boost your immune system and keep you healthy. To bring out the best in the turmeric (everyone needs a better half, right?) combine it with some black pepper. This helps to bring out the curcumin which is the stuff inside turmeric that has all the power. Basically, make yourself a curry and you’ll be cold free.

3. Take time to rest.

Winter is the perfect time to take up a restorative yoga class or begin a meditation practice. During the colder months our bodies instinctively want to slow down, so listen to your body and do exactly that! It’s also the time of year to go to bed earlier, sip warm cups of tea and watch a movie on the couch. Nurturing your adrenal glands and immune system during this time will keep you healthy and restore balance.

4. Go to a sauna. 

This is one thing the Europeans have over us Aussies - saunas, an abundance of saunas! Luckily there are some in the Land Down Under so you don’t have to miss out. Sauna became my weekly treat during the long German winter. It’s an amazing way to detox the body and sweat out any nasty toxins that might have built up. Not to mention it’s the ultimate relaxation. I think they let you keep your clothes on in OZ, here it’s clothes off or no sauna..

Most of all, keep warm and don’t let the winter blues get you down. Celebrate this change in season, embrace all that is winter and look after yourself! I’m off to re-read my ‘how to prepare for summer’ guide, before flying to Greece on Sunday. I know, I hate me too. :) 

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