3 Top Tips To Make Your Food Photos Stand Out

Wondering how to take your iPhone photos from average to pro? Want to know which apps are the best for editing photos? We recently teamed up with professional photographer Marnie Hawson for a workshop all about how to take great photos of food. If you missed the workshop, Marie has put together her top tips for taking great photos. Instagram just got a whole lot prettier. 

Marnie's Top 3 Tips To Dominate Instagram

1. Use Natural Light 

  • Set up near a window.
  • Turn off all artificial lights in room (if possible) as they can cast an ugly orangey glow to your food.

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2. Negative Space

  • Give your food room to breathe – don’t take up the whole frame with the subject.
  • Don’t be afraid to cut off part of the dish or props within the frame, but give your subject enough space around it, and keep it simple.

Food photography tips - how to take great photos

3. Editing

  • Check all the vertical and horizontal lines in your photo (if any) are dead straight.
  • Make sure the photo is nice and bright - adjust the exposure if your photo is dark and gloomy.
  • VSCOcam, Snapseed and Afterlight are all great apps

Tips for taking great Instagram photos

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