Humans Of Green Press: James

In this series we are bringing you the 'Humans of Green Press'. An insight into the wonderful, talented and passionate team behind the Green Press brand. These guys don't just bring you cold pressed juices and deliciously healthy food, they work, live and breathe the Green Press values.

Meet James, the Co-Founder of Green Press (aka - the boss man).

All time favourite ingredient and why?

Spinach or broccoli. You need green leafs people. Let's go with spinach as it's more versatile; smoothie, omelette, juice, salad.

What’s your top tip for staying healthy?

Be conscious about what you shove in your mouth. Your body is biologically designed to run on plants, not processed fake foods. Have a vegetable in every meal and suddenly the good will overrun the bad.

If you could BE any Green Press juice, which flavour would it be and why?

Cayenne West comes to mind first. Sweet flavour, plus a little fire in the belly and get's the job done.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Flying. As long as it's effortless. If I wanted to fly to Sydney for the weekend, it's not the physical effort of swimming 50 laps is it?

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Stylish rooster that would exaggerate me nicely.

What would your perfect last meal on earth be?

I often dream of my death row meal. Hypocritically it's the opposite of health. Sous vide grass fed ribeye cooked rare, with gently steamed garlic broccoli. Then dessert would be a sickening size bowl of my Mum's (and her Mum's) Golden Balls recipe with cream and ice cream. Golden balls are essentially balls of dough deep fried in golden syrup and brown sugar. 

Early bird or night owl?

If I had the night owl work ethic I did during Uni days, this business would have bankrupted in a month. Wake up early, get shit done.

Do you have a party trick? If so, what is it?

Sadly, not really. However, my Grandpa taught me how to practice my reflexes so I'm capable of catching 20+ stacked coins dropped from my elbow before they hit the ground.

Ideal holiday destination?

Somewhere foreign, somewhere warm. Lindsay, my partner, reaches a place of happiness I've yet to experience whenever she's on a warm beach. I'd prefer somewhere untouched with a hint of dodginess than a westernised tourist trap.

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