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Ever wondered what it would be like to do a Green Press Juice Cleanse? Welcome to the juice cleanse diaries! A special series where we go inside the life of a 'juice cleanser', finding out just what it's like to do a juice cleanse! This time we're hearing from Natropath Reece Carter who took on our three day 'Expert Juice Cleanse' before moving his life to LA. We'll let him take it from here...

Dear diary.... 

Before heading off to LA, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get my system squeaky clean with a juice cleanse. I jumped straight on the 'Expert Juice Cleanse' to give my digestive system a rest, break bad habits like too many coffees, and fill myself with as many power-packed juices as I can.

Day One

It had been a little while since I'd done a cleanse, and was excited to feel that energy and vitality that comes after day three. Of course, that means getting through the cravings and slumps of the first few days. As expected, I felt the lack of food on day one: my tummy rumbled and I was ready for bed by about 3pm. Thankfully, I never felt those nasty blood sugar cravings. And why? Because the expert cleanse is almost entirely green juices, and the sweeter offerings contained enough protein and fat to prevent and insulin see-saw. My pick? The Sesame Treat – too freaking good!

Day Two

I woke up after an incredible sleep, which I put down to all the greens again. I would have well and truly got my daily requirement for magnesium yesterday, making relaxation and sleep a breeze. I was very energetic in the morning and thought I'd go for a run, but didn't make it far before I had to turn home. There's no denying it: I was starting to feel the lack of food. But at the same time, I had a much clearer head than the day before, and my tummy was flat again after a week of stress-and-coffee-induced bloat. All that – plus the fact that the flavour combos were delicious – kept me going through day two.

Day Three

Day three can be one of two things in a juice cleanse. If you've been on the blood-sugar roller-coaster with lots of fruit juices, and fewer greens and smoothies, you may be counting down the hours until breakfast the following morning so that you can inhale a greasy big breakfast and a stack of toast. On the other hand, if your insulin levels have remained fairly stable and your body has been fueled with all the magnesium and B vitamins that it needs for cellular energy production, then you may just be getting used to it by now. I know I am. My head feels clear and I feel far more vital than I did before starting it. I'm looking forward to a meal, but I could have happily done this for another day or two.

It's important at this point to remember why you did the cleanse. It doesn't make sense to swing back in to bad habits, but rather use this opportunity to develop a long-term to good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Start by reintroducing plant-based foods, then maybe add eggs and fish in the day after that (if you eat them), but leave meat a few days until your body feels it as ready. Listen to your body and don't overwhelm it with fried foods, coffee, or alcohol 'just because you can'. With three days away from those crutches, you're in the best spot to start making sensible, clean-eating choices.

- Reece.

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