Why You Should Up Your Coconut Water Intake


Coconut water is the liquid inside the endosperm of a young coconut of 5-7 months old. It's sweet and sterile and is made up of a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, sugars, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and phytohormones. One coconut contains around approximately 200-1000 ml of water. Coconut water should not be confused with coconut milk, which comes from the meat of the coconut.

Enjoy Them Post-Workout

Coconut water is an excellent choice for post-workout rehydration. It's packed with naturally occurring simple sugars, minerals, and electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium. In fact, coconut water contains more potassium than four bananas. Ingesting sodium-enriched fresh young coconut water was found to be just as good for rehydration purposes as a commercial sports drink but with better fluid tolerance.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Coconut Water?

In addition to being good for rehydration purposes, coconut water contains naturally occurring bioactive enzymes, such as acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, diastase, peroxidase, and RNA-polymerases. These help digestion, metabolism and protect against cardiovascular disease. Coconut water also contains essential B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine and folate.

No More Gatorade

I don't know how professional athletes seriously endorse Coca-Cola and Pepsi owned sports drinks. Well I know how. $$$. But surely they don't drink that garbage. It's got tablespoons and tablespoons of sugar. 

If you want to replenish lost electrolytes then coconut water is miles better for you. Perfect after the gym. And perfect after a night out.


You don’t have to be an athlete, have a hangover, or suffer from IBD to enjoy the benefits of coconut water. If you have a hard time drinking enough water daily, you may find that supplementing with the slightly sweet taste of coconut water to be an easy way to hydrate your body. As many of us don’t get enough potassium from fruits, vegetables, and minerals, coconut water can serve as a tasty, low-calorie replacement.

Lastly, coconut water contains kinetin and trans-zeatin, which are cytokines that have anti-inflammatory properties. Look for coconut water that has no added sugars or nasties. If you’re not one to drink coconut water by itself, try using it as a base for smoothies or juices like in our delicious gingerbread smoothie.


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