Should We All Be Going Gluten-Free?

I’m almost nervous to open this can of worms. The gluten-free debate has gone back and forth, but one thing is for sure: gluten-free products and menu options are here to stay. Australia has welcomed the no gluten lifestyle into its cafés and restaurants to the point where it’s shocking not to find something gluten-free on the menu.

Do We All Need To Follow A Gluten-Free Diet?

So what is gluten? It’s a protein found in some grains, with the most common being wheat.

Some medical professionals will argue, of course, that unless you are diagnosed with coeliac disease then you don’t need to stop eating gluten. In reality though, it does seem like there is a more common – and much subtler – intolerance out there that nobody quite understands. Time and time again I see people’s health improve after removing gluten-filled foods.

Why is that?

Nobody really knows for certain, although with more and more cases of leaky gut, it’s this naturopath’s opinion that this problematic protein is avoiding proper digestion and our immune system doesn’t like it one bit, so causes an uproar.

But before you run to the pantry and bin the lot, remember that breads, pastas, and cereals aren’t just masses of gluten, and that it may be something else in there that you’re reacting to. Excess starches and sugars can wreak havoc in the gut too, especially if your gut’s ‘good bacteria’ are out of balance. We’ve all heard of gluten intolerance, so it becomes easy to point the finger at gluten, when actually he may just be the innocent bystander this time.

In that case, maybe we should be doing a little more investigation before self-diagnosing gluten intolerance. With gut integrity and bacterial balance playing a role here, we should get those things fixed up too.

And if after all that you still feel better on a gluten-free diet? Just do it. You’re more in tune with your body than anyone else, so you for sure know when something is right for it.

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