Why You Absolutely Have To Stop Drinking Milk

We’re taught at school that milk is the secret to having big strong bones. The ironic truth is just the opposite. Research shows that it weakens bones and actually causes osteoporosis.

No More Milk For You!

A twelve year Swedish study at Uppsala University showed that women who increased their milk consumption also increased their risk of bone fracture. There are numerous supporting studies, including one from Sydney.

How Can Milk Be Bad for My Bones?

Milk, like all animal proteins, introduces acid into your body, upsetting the balance of your internal pH. Calcium, an acidic neutraliser, is then released by the body to correct the biological imbalance. The calcium storage in your bones is therefore depleted because of the acid neutralisation. So while we've been brainwashed to believe that milk contains lots of calcium, which it does, we never talk about the fact that to process that milk we actually deplete our existing calcium reserves.

Milk Shortens Mortality

Even worse than weakened bones is the studies of milk and mortality. The Swedish study showed that milk increased oxidative stress which is associated with aging, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Other studies specifically show that milk increases the risk of prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ear infections, acne and constipation.

Accelerating the damage is the supermarket techniques we apply, making our milk much more harmful than the raw stuff Old MacDonald used to hand squeeze 100 years ago. Cows are injected with antibiotics and all sorts of hormones, including a synthetic strain (rBGH) used to increase milk production. This leads to insulin-growth factor 1 (IGF-1) which Dr Epstein from the University of Illinois says will “increase risks of developing breast cancer”.

Dairy Free Sugar Free Diet Tips

Milk is naively still included by Nutrition Australia 2015. We didn't realise pasta and bread was so important too. It's nice that our government recommendations are 10-20 years behind nutritional research.

Protein Problems

Cow's milk is not designed for human consumption. It's biological purpose is growing a new born calf from 40kgs to 250kgs. And once that is done the calf never returns to Mum. He/she needs an alternative food group to thrive. So yes, the protein in cow's milk will help Gym Junkie Jason build those biceps but in doing so he is eating a food that is designed for the infant of another species. The consequence of those guns is inflammation, increasing the potential for all those deadly diseases.

"The guns look great Jason, but does your prostrate? Let me just grab a glove," Dr Finger.

What Do I Use Instead?

Milk substitutes are plentiful but imperfect, either in flavour or sincerity. Soy is polarising and any plant based milk that can sit on a supermarket shelf out of the fridge must be questioned. Read the back of all your labels and only buy almond/rice/oat/coconut milk when you recognise all the ingredients (we'll discuss preservative techniques another day).

Better yet, make your own, you'd be surprised how simple it is.

Lastly, tell your barista that you’re going black and never going back. Add some cinnamon for flavour. It also boosts your metabolism.

Is All Dairy Bad?

No. Fermented dairy is acid neutral and therefore not as harmful. Plus there are tremendous probiotic properties in yogurt and kefir. This promotes digestive health.

Cheese is probably not as good for you but I’m never cutting that out of my diet entirely. An expertly made margherita pizza is the greatest culinary invention in human history so I will argue that the mindful ecstasy that I experience extends my life longer than the dietary destruction subtracts. Hypocrisy is good for you.

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