Here Is The Secret To A Sculpted Body

Vie Active Ambassador, Elise Carver aka @littlebantamsurftrainer, believes that the key to sculpting a fit, lean, strong body lies in five key components. Core Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Balance and Endurance and she trains all these elements in each of her workouts.

With the weather heating up she shares her favourite Surf Style Workout to try on the beach this summer.


Move 1:

Prepare your body for summer with this beach workout routine

Single Leg Tilted Row

This full body movement will work your Butt, Belly & Back all the while testing your balance and hip mobility. Standing on one leg, knee slightly bent. Tilt forward lifting the back leg with your Glute. Draw the belly in and with your weight of choice, complete a rowing motion with your elbow tucked in by your side. 3sets X 15 each arm

Move 2:

Get fit for summer with our summer body workout

Single Floor Taps

A great way to wake yourself up this simple single leg balance will activate your Core and get your hips moving. Standing on one leg, tilt forward from the hips pushing your back heel to the sky and touch the floor with the opposite hand. Then come upright tucking the lifted leg into your chest and repeat. 3sets X 15 each leg.

Move 3:

Single Leg Figure 8’s

A great way to work through your Shoulders in conjunction with Core control. Standing on one leg, knee slightly bent. Take a weight of your choice and draw a figure eight wrapping round either side of your body, pushing your weight to the sky then down past your chest for full arm extension. 3sets X 10 round each leg

Move 4:

Get your body bikini ready with our summer body workout

Reverse Plank T2T

Another Butt buster, this exercise tests your balance during constant movement.
Lifting into a Reverse Plank, fingers towards your heels. Lift one foot and reach to touch the toes with the opposite arm then alternate. All the while keep your hips lifted! 3sets X 20 touches

Where are you working out today?

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Photos by @fionapeters.

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