Hot Off The Green Press Interview - Kim From The Well Nurse

Meet Kim. A certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Business Coach, Author and Dream Chaser - what a woman! Kim used to be a full-time nurse. She found herself constantly exhausted from the crazy hours she was working and decided to educate herself on whole foods and a healthy lifestyle, in order to gain more energy and improve her wellbeing.

After seeing dramatic changes in her own health she decided to share her knowledge with others. Thus the 'The Well Nurse' was born! It grew into a blog and coaching service for those wishing to improve their health and happiness.

Since starting 'The Well Nurse' many exciting things happened for Kim. Not only was she able to inspire others on a path of wellness, but she found her ultimate goal. To move to Mexico. After much manifestation she now lives by the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Where she works from her computer whilst sipping coconuts, watching the ocean and living the dream life.

We caught up with this inspiring woman to find out all about how she made the jump. 

1. Your blog has gone from helping nurses and shift workers with their health, to inspiring others to chase and live their dreams, just like you’ve done! What lead to you wanting to quit nursing and move to Mexico?

I've always been a dreamer and I felt like I needed more out of my life and what I was giving back. It's a similar story to most blogs; I wrote and educated on my own journey through initially trying to figure out my own health, to then supporting others to look after themselves more.

But through this process I started to ask questions and was sure that I needed a change, I needed something more fulfilling and also something I could do from anywhere. Melbourne no longer felt like home.

After visiting Puerto Vallarta last year to do my yoga teacher training I fell in love with this coastal town, I knew I had to get back here, and nursing wasn't my vehicle to do it. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried an industry that I really knew nothing about- Network Marketing. 8 months after making that choice I boarded a place back in Puerto Vallarta with a huge smile on my face.

2. Can you share 3 pieces of advice would you give to others wanting to live the dream, quit their jobs and move to a tropical paradise?

    1. Own the fact that you have this dream. Don't let others cloud your vision with their own. This is your dream, not your spouses, not your parents and not your friends. It might be crazy and big but it's yours.
    2. Do something each day to bring you closer to your dream, whether that is setting the date of travel, telling a friend, seeking support to make it happen, but to avoid overwhelm do something little.
    3. Trust that if it is meant to be it WILL happen, and also trust that if it doesn't work out exactly as you planned, if you head off course for a little while that is OK, at least you did something bold for yourself, which takes courage.

3. What’s the one place we simply must go on our next trip to Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta, oh my love. PV is on the west coast of Mexico, I find most people want to travel to the Caribbean but I love this side of the country. The beaches, mountains, nature, food, culture and yoga community make PV my favourite.

4. We’re always curious as to how successful folk start their day. What does your morning routine look like?

I've recently joined the 5am club, (which for some is drastic given the fact that I can choose my own hours BUT the mornings are still and when I do my best work).

I use a tongue scraper, drink water and mix a herbal adaptogenic drink before sitting to meditate using the @1giantmind app for 15mins.

The next 20minutes are spent doing some sort of movement, mostly core work, breath work and yoga practice.

I then put on some educational podcast while making a yerba mate tea and a superfood smoothie.

By then i am READY to fire up my computer for calls with my team in Australia, Canada, US or Mexico.

5. If you had to summarise your approach to life in three words what would they be?

Fun, adventure, learning.

6. What’s your top tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Spend time with healthy people, you become the five people you surround yourself with, so choose wisely.

7. Name one ingredient you couldn’t live without (water doesn’t count;))

Coconut. Aqua de coco is a lifesaver

Want more Kim? You can find her here:
instagram @thewellnurse

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