Grand Final Day - Healthy Snack Recipes

Word on the street tells me the AFL grand final is happening this weekend. It's an easy weekend to overindulge in food that's guaranteed not to make you feel good. We're talking sausages filled with stuff you can't pronounce, served on white bread that was probably made 10 years ago (seriously, that stuff is LOADED with preservatives), topped off with tomato sauce that should really just be called red sugar syrup. Washing it all down with some beer and snacking on deep fried potato chips in between. Then loading up your plate with dessert disasters! Try getting up and feeling great the next day after all of that! As usual, we are here with a healthy alternative. 

Here's a bunch of snacks you can enjoy this weekend that are made from whole foods and sure to impress your mate Diet Coke Dave. 

Grand Final Day Healthy BBQ Snacks

Healthy BBQ snacks

Cashew Snacks:

Cashews are always a crowd pleaser. These recipes take the humble cashew to the next level. Try:

Best vegan desserts


Everyone loves popcorn! This recipe adds chocolate and chilli for an extra kick of flavour. Try our:

best gluten free desserts


It's no secret that we love healthy desserts. There satisfying, gluten free, dairy free, Paleo, sugar free and won't leave you with a sugar crash equivalent to spraying a kick straight in front (see, I know football stuff). Try:

For the kids:

There you have it. A bunch of healthier options to serve along side what's set to be an epic grand final weekend. Make good choices people. We're all winners here.

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