5 Surprising Foods Containing Gluten

If you're anything like me and intolerant to all of the things then you're pretty well versed in reading labels and interrogating the wait staff. It really is a mind field out there. A mild field of hidden gluten. Gluten finds it's way into so many products, sauces, dressings and dishes it can feel like you're surrounded by the enemy with no escape! Fear not my intolerant friend! I feel your pain and I'm here to help.

Here's 5 foods you probably didn't realise contain gluten:

#1 Soba

Soba is the Japanese word for Buckwheat. Buckwheat, is well known as a naturally gluten-free alternative to flour. Even though it's technically a fruit, but we won't get into that. Soba noodles should be gluten free then, right? Wrong! These guys are (99% of the time) bulked out with wheat. Bummer, I know. Don't read 'buckwheat noodles' and think you're safe! There's some gluten free alternatives out there so you don't have to miss out. Be sure to read the label and ask the wait staff. If they reply without conviction choose something else. Always better to be safe.

#2 Chips/Fries

Hot chips at the beach anyone? It's a cheeky unhealthy indulgence that, let's be honest, we all partake in from time to time. But if you're gluten intolerant, be warned! Hot chips are often coated in flour and then fried. This is what gives them that extra crispy texture. Always check with your local take away shop, if you're celiac or extremely sensitive to gluten then you need to ask how they are cooked. Often they are fried in the same oil as the flour coated potato cakes and fish. Always avoid beer battered chips, for obvious reasons. The safest option? Make your own! You can bake them in coconut oil, healthier and guaranteed to be safe! 

#3 Fried Shallots

Asian food is delicious and surprisingly there are a lot of gluten free options, just watch out for the sauces! One addition to your gluten free ginger and lemongrass stir-fry that will send you home baffled as to why you're reacting is those sneaky fried shallots sprinkled on top! These guys are coated in flour and then fried to make them crunchy. It might seem like 'just onion' but it's so much more than that! Be sure to clarify with your waiter that you DO NOT want fried shallots.

#4 Lipton Ice Tea

This stuff is the worst. Not only is it loaded with sugar, preservatives, fake flavourings and a bunch of stuff you can't pronounce it also contains gluten! They sneak it in there amongst all the numbers as a thickener. I wouldn't recommend searching for a gluten free alternative. I'd avoid this stuff like the plague! Make your own ice tea or just drink some coconut water!

#5 Yeast

There's a big grey cloud over yeast and it's gluten contents. True bakers yeast and nutritional yeast should be gluten free. The confusion comes with brewers yeast which is derived from beer - aka, NOT gluten free. There are some brands out there that use mediums like sugar beets to source their brewers yeast, making them gluten free. As with everything, always check the label and if in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

Have you found a surprising product that contains gluten?

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