How to Stay Healthy During The Office Christmas Party

Party animals letting loose, finger food, a dessert table and an open bar. Nope it’s not your 21st birthday. It’s the office Christmas party.  If we’ve learnt anything from Hollywood it’s that booze, your boss and mistletoe are a bad combination. Whilst we don’t have any advice on how to avoid office party drama, we can help you survive the office Christmas party whilst maintaining your health guru status.

#1 Don’t arrive hungry 

Unless Green Press is catering your office party, we advise that you eat something before you go. Arriving hungry to a party full of deep fried finger food is never a good idea. Two bad things will happen:

  1. You will get very drunk very quickly
  2. You will make bad food choices and suffer eaters remorse

To avoid all of this we recommend having a snack before arriving. It can be as simple as some peanut butter on celery or a light salad, or even a smoothie. Just put something good, clean and healthy in your stomach and then be selective with the finger food you devour.  Eating is not compulsory, only eat what you really like and keep an eye on your portion control. You don’t have to deprive yourself, but you don’t need to treat it like the sizzlers buffet when you were 11.

#2 Make every second drink a water/mineral water

We’re not sober Sam’s so we’re not about to get on a horse and tell you not to drink. It’s Christmas, live a little! That being said, moderation certainly is key. Instead of drinking your way through the bar tab in the first two hours, pace yourself. After every alcoholic drink, follow it up with a glass of water or mineral water. If you worried about the, “why aren’t you drinking” comment have a soda water and lime, no one needs to know that there’s no vodka in it! Tell that nosy lady from accounts to back off! This approach will keep you hydrated, prevent an epic hang over and keep you from making bad choices (maybe).

#3 Pre-make a hangover smoothie, regardless of your hangover status

You don’t need to wake up feeling like yogi bear during winter to require a hangover smoothie. Alcohol destroys your vitamin B storage so boosting that the morning after should be the first thing you do. No bacon does not = Vitamin B.

We’ve got a delicious hangover cure smoothie recipe that actually tastes good. You can make it the night before, so that it’s ready in the fridge the morning after.  You’ll be feeling better in no time!

What’s you strategy for staying healthy during the Christmas party season? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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