How To Make A Mojito Mocktail

Inspired by the universal cocktail, we wanted to make a cold pressed juice that was just as refreshing. But with no sugar, using just a little apple for sweetness. Mission achieved.

The key here is to go hard on the mint. Let it do most of the talking. Use the lime, apple and mint combination to come through over the nutritious, yet bitter, green leafs.

And like a cocktail, always serve this over ice. Freshly pressed juice often comes out at room temperature, making it taste much less enjoyable. Lots of mint, lime and ice, makes for an amazing cold pressed mocktail.

Mojito Cold Pressed Juice Recipe

  • Makes 1 serve
  • Takes 7 minutes


  • Kale - 2 cups 
  • Limes - 2, peeled 
  • Spinach - 2 cups 
  • Cucumbers - 300-350g 
  • Mint - 1 cup 
  • Apple - 1 1/2 


  1. Push all ingredients through your cold pressed juicer 
  2. Mix up green leafs with watery fruit to make it easier on your machine
  3. Pour over ice 

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