How To Look Younger with Our Collagen Anti-Ager

One of your goals, now and forever, is to look younger. We have the same desire. So we wanted to find out what we could do to make it a reality.

Our Anti-Ageing Superfood Blend

Our research began with medical journals. The common denominator was always collagen. The building block for skin and a natural protein, collagen deteriorates with age. That means sagging skin and wrinkle formation. But there are collagen sources that you can eat to compensate for the deterioration.

We needed to find out if the collagen consumption had an impact and found several medical studies to confirm it does:

  • The first showed that collagen improves skin hydration and impacts ageing
  • The second showed that oral intake of collagen reduced skin wrinkles
  • The third showed a positive impact on skin health and cellulite in women aged 24-50.

We continued the skin health discussions with our Naturopath, Reece Carter, and his thoughts were consistent with the journals.

“Collagen is the magic ingredient for skin firmness and elasticity. If you want to stop the clock on skin ageing, then consuming this potent protein – along with plenty of anti-oxidant vitamin C – is key.” – ANTA Reece Carter

Reece brought to our attention that without vitamin C, collagen supplementation won't be as effective. It’s a critical part of collagen synthesis. Not to mention that vitamin C is anti-ageing in its own right. It neutralises the free radicals that accelerate ageing and it also reverses the harmful effects of UV exposure.

The highest sources of vitamin C on the planet are Camucamu (or Camu Camu) and Kakadu Plum (or Gubinge). Camucamu, a Peruvian fruit, has 12 times your daily vitamin C needs in just one teaspoon!

We tried to find a collagen product in the world that had vitamin C and we couldn’t find it. So we created one. 

The highest quality collagen we can find is marine. The fresh water fish is odourless and flavourless. We paired that up with Camucamu, local Kakadu plum and the superfood Lucuma, which is rich in B vitamins, fibre and has a subtle sweetness.

It took us over six months to develop the packaging and source all of the international ingredients and we’re thrilled to bring it to market. Forever Young beat out Turn Back Time and a couple of other muscial references.

Collagen Vitamin C Superfood Blend Forever Young by Green Press

Get your skin younger by including Forever Young in your smoothies, juices, protein balls and basically any other health food. The flavour is subtle citrus and can be easily drowned out. Let the silent assassin make you look younger.

Forever Young Collagen Superfood

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