Simple Morning Yoga Routine

Typically when I have a student come to me and ask how to develop a home practice, I will tell them to learn the Surya Namaskar A ('Salute to the Sun'). It’s really simple and you can watch/learn or follow along on Youtube. This will infinitely help and improve your life in every possible way. Physically, mentally and emotionally. This ancient practice was crafted together to help people build strength and flexibility not only of the body but of the mind. It gets the sweat going and opens up the body nicely.

Add these following poses to your morning yoga routine:

Start by...

Simple morning yoga routine

Laying down with both knees in the chest. Then alternate from 1 knee in the chest to the other with the opposite leg extended forward. This is a great pose to help open the hips and wake up the nervous system and the core

Reclined easy twist 

Simple Morning Yoga Routine

Hug the knees into the chest and then drop them to the right. Keep the shoulders on the ground. Hold for 2-5 minutes if you can. Even 5-10 breaths will be beneficial. This will help mobilise the spine and wake up the back body.

Balasana - Child's pose 

Simple Morning Yoga Routine

Come onto hands and knees. Bring the feet together, keep the knees apart. Sit back towards the heels bring the forehead to the ground and extend the arms forward. 

Rest here for 2-5 minutes. It's a wonderful pose to lengthen the spine and decompress the hips.

Uttanasana -  Standing Forward fold 

Simple Morning Yoga Routine

Stand up, bend the knees and fold forward. Options to have the hands supported by a cushion or block if you have one. Otherwise hands can take opposite elbows and drag here for as longs as feels good. 2-5 minutes if you can. If that feel easy you can interlace the hands behind the back and open up the shoulders. This pose is fantastic for the hamstrings, calves, back, neck and shoulders.

Navasana - Boat pose

Simple Morning Yoga Routine

Sit down, extend the legs up straight making a V shape with the body. 

Option 1: keep the knees bent and take the hands under the knees to support the legs.

Option 2: arms straight up, legs straight up

Option 3: legs straight out and arms straight back behind you (lower back on the ground) Shoulders and heels hovering of the ground. This is great for core activation and engagement.

Savasana - corpse pose

Simple Morning Yoga Routine

The best pose. My favourite. 

Lay in your most comfortable position. Either supported with a cushion under the head or behind the knees. Otherwise whatever is most comfy for you. Set a little timer, try to stay here for at least 5 minutes. Finally ending in a seated meditation. 

Download the 1Giant Mind app and Jonni will lead you through a wonderful morning meditation.

What a perfect way to start every day. Ideally this should take 30-45 minutes depending on how long you stay in each pose. You could speedily do it in 25-30 minutes.

More about Josh Blau: 

Josh Blau is known for his upside down, challenging and high-energy class's. With a diverse spectrum of knowledge, including a 200hr training in L.A with Black Dog Yoga and a 500hr training with Sri Dharma Mittra at Dharma Yoga Centre in New York City.  One of his talents can be found in teaching the most unlikely practitioner how to face and conquer fears through alignment, technique and getting upside down. Josh's commitment to a daily practice and being forever a student keeps class's fresh, ever changing and inspiring. With deep respect to the origins of Yoga, Josh brings pranayama, meditation and kirtan into his class's. "My passion is guiding people to a place where they can feel connected to themselves and higher states of consciousness. "When a deeper connection to self-occurs, we can begin to live life in a state of balance and flow!"

You might even catch Josh playing guitar and singing during Savasna. From the Yin to Yang there is something for everyone. 


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