What A (Relatively) Healthy Health Entrepreneur Eats Each Day

'Day On A Plate' seems like a popular discussion point these days so I thought I'd do mine. Before that though, I wanted to go through what some other healthy entrepreneurs are eating. Let's start with Kara Rosen, who founded UK juice company Plenish. Her day is pretty similar to the one Amanda Chantal Bacon (of Moon Juice in LA) published.

Not hard to see why people had some fun with it.

And then there was Hunter S. Thompson. Apparently this is a real, yet conservative account.

So here goes mine. It sadly won't be as entertaining as Mr Thompson's nor as aspirational as the healthy ladies. But potentially a little more accessible.

My Day On A Plate

6:00am - Alarm

No snoozing. Straight to the shower, detouring by the tap for two cups of water (no time for this warm lemon water business).

My favourite life hack is picking my clothes the night before. Laid out on the dresser so I slip the threads on in the dark and take the dog for a 15 minute stroll.

6:30am - One Minute Smoothie

Delicious and simple. Usually consisting of frozen blueberries, spinach, coconut protein powder and almond milk. Veggies for breakfast clears my dietary conscience. Plus this is delicious and full of protein. 

I make enough for the misses. Not sure I get the brownie points I once did for making her breakfast.

9:00am - Long Black With Cinnamon

Time to get sh*t done. Cinnamon helps with flavour and it's one of the highest sources of antioxidants. Significantly more than matcha, acai or any other trend superfood that us bloggers like to spruik. 

10:00am - Scrambled Eggs, Chilli & Rye

I'm at a cafe for three hours so better pay for my wifi. Custom creating the simplest (cheapest) meal on the menu that I can eat endlessly. Fresh chilli, sea salt and pepper is a must with eggs.

1:00pm - Last Night's Leftovers

I'll either duck home for lunch or bring this with me. I make enough dinner for six people each night and occasionally one portion will survive for lunch the next day. Today is a recycled stir-fry. Which keeps the mind guilt free because of all the veggies. Should stop me from feeling that afternoon fatigue too.

2:45pm - Instant Oats

With a twitching sweet tooth and a caffeine habit that is becoming an addiction, I decide to make some pre workout fuel. Get me to the gym.

I'll pour a splash of boiling water on instant coffee (yep, no hipster wank here) and then put two handfuls of rolled oats in my coffee mug. Sprinkle in cinnamon and a dollop of honey. Then I fill it up with almond milk. Stir and then I let it soak in the freezer for 20-30 minutes.

If I was organised then I would plan this out in the morning so the oats can slowly soak in the fridge. But I'm a Last-Minute Mike and don't care if the oats are soft. Get in my belly. 

4:00pm - Gym Is The Tonic

40 minutes of free weights. I don't get much of a sweat but I do enough to feel sore the next day. The goal is to put on weight (which probably aggravates some of you) and most importantly, relieve stress. I'm an infinitely more pleasant person when I workout.

7:30pm - Cauliflower Fried Rice

green press cauliflower rice

My current goal is to be a weekday vegetarian. Cowspiracy rocked me, so I'm trying to eat less meat but still feel full with a little protein. Actually not as hard as you'd think.

Mexican quinoa bowls with avocado and black beans is a great option but tonight is cauliflower fried rice. Grated cauliflower with sesame oil, tamari, broccoli, carrots and peas. All cooked in one pan with a two egg omelette added on top. 15 minutes of effort and absolutely delicious.

8:30 - Chocolate Palate Fix

The goal is to satisfy the sweet tooth without going on a Cookie Monster binge. Not easy. If I've hit the gym I like a chocolate protein shake. Sounds like a choice Bicep Brad would make, and I suppose it is, but it's the only way I can get a chocolate fix without eating a whole block. Chia pudding with some cacao nibs or an avocado chocolate mouse are other options when I'm not lazy.

That's it. My day on a plate. What does yours look like? Share yours in the comments below.  

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