We Review The 5 Biggest Smoothie Blender Brands In Australia

Are you looking for the best smoothie blender in Australia? We've done the homework for you.

Blenders are big business. It seems every homewares company is trying to get involved with blenders available from electronic stores to supermarkets. But as is often the case, you're much better buying a product from a blender focused company. In Australia, that doesn't include Kambrook, Sunbeam and Breville. Even George Forman is in on the game. Maybe there wasn't enough margin on the 100+ million grills he sold

Another brand you won't see featured in this review is Blendtec. The geniously marketed American company has an Australian website but I've never seen their products on the retail market. I have seen their videos though. Like when they blend an iPhone 6.

So let's discuss the five most popular models in our local Australian market. See if any suit your needs.

What Blender Is Best For Me? 

5. Magic Bullet

The ultimate entry level. The distribution of these machines has shrunk significantly, making me wonder if they are sold anywhere but ebay. At $50, you get what you pay for. These guys aren't made to blend almonds or kale or frozen bananas but they can work if you are dipping your big toe into the blender game for the first time. Just keep the recipes to plant based milk, spinach and some vegan protein powders. Know that the machine will break eventually, usually just after their 30 day guarantee.

Who it's for:

Diet Coke Dave who is taking his smoothie step.

4. Vitamix

This brand is at the top of the list in terms of awareness but as we've discussed in a previous review, you're not paying for the quality of the machine. You're paying for their marketing budget. You're basically supporting Kourtney Kardashian. And what a worthy cause.

We've had three different Vitamix models over the course of our three year blending business and they simply aren't worth half what they cost.

Who it's for:

The impressionable.

3.  Ninja

I have the Ninja BL642. I went in there for the $90 Nutri Ninja Slim and ended up with the $300 model. More horsepower, more functions. What a sucker I am. The Ninja works brilliant as a smoothie cup but the jug version that I talked myself into is useless. The three tiered blade can't even make avocado mouse so it won't turn your cashew into 'cheese', and definitely not your nut into butter. Stick with their Nutri Ninja Slim and have decent smoothies on the go. The only frustration is that you only get one blade and one cup which has me doing more dishes than I'd like.

Who it's for:

Tight@ss Tim will enjoy the Nutri Ninja Slim. The cheapest single serve blender with quality.

review of the Best blender to buy

2. Optimum 9200

They plageurised the Vitamix stick design but undercut the price and improved the quality. This is our blender of choice for the all round user. If it can stand up to commercial conditions, then it's good enough for your house. At $479 it's not for the smoothie curious, you have to be a real blender.

Who it's for:

Plant-based Patricia who loves raw desserts and serious smoothie bowls.

1. NutriBullet Rx

I've had the Rx for probably three years now, maybe longer. And I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I mean, I smash this thing. From the morning smoothie to hummus, to Cherry Bomb desserts. It stands up for you more than your Mum.

I'll be a lifetime user of the higher end NutriBullet models until the experience changes.

Who it's for:

Smoothie Steve who wants his morning vegetables pulverised into delicious smoothies every morning.


Want a second opinion? Our mate Tarashaun from Blender Babes goes deeeeeep on a comparison between the Ninja and the Nutribullet. Really good article.

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