The 10 TED Talks That Will Make You Healthier and Happier

You've seen a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talk before. They're everywhere. You can catch them on the TED website, find them on YouTube, download their app, watch them on smart TV's or stream them on podcasts. They're free and there's no escaping them.

There's a TED talk on almost any topic so it's no surprise that you can learn about being the healthiest you.

I've circled ten of my favourites that you'll enjoy. Set aside 15-20 minute a day to work your way through these. Hopefully you've got a corner office and can learn while you're being paid.

1. Mark Bittman - What's Wrong With What We Eat

The famous food author goes to town on how our diet's have horrifically evolved.

 Well worth your time.


2. Robert Waldinger - The Good Life

A 75 year study into what makes us healthy and happy. The answer isn't diet.

3. Graham Hill - Why I'm A Weekday Vegetarian

A three minute video that I didn't really enjoy the first time I watched it. But after seeing Cowspiracy, which uses similiar statistics about the consequences of meat consumption, I found myself becoming a 'weekday veg' like Mr Hill. I don't succeed every week but I restart each Monday with new intentions. 

4. Dan Buettner: How To Live To Be 100+

If you want to get to three figures, then Dan has some great insight.

I didn't find his book of the same subject matter, Blue Zones, an easy read. So save yourself 50 hours and watch the 20 minute TED Talk. He's much more charismatic at speaking. 


5. Kelly McGonigal - How To Make Stress Your Friend

Change how you think about stress. And your body will change how it responds to stress.

Love Kelly's delivery in this one too. Great talk.

6. Matt Cutts - Try Something New For 30 days

Three snappy minutes from Matt Cutts. Whether it's 21, 30 or 40 days, change is easy if you stick to it. Consistency breeds habit. 

7. Dan Gilbert - The Surprising Science Of Happiness

The famous Stumbling on Happiness author energetically educates us on what he's learnt. His studies produce some interesting results.

8. Joanna McMillan - Eat For Real Change 

Scottish-Australian, Dr Joanna McMillan, uses some Aussie statistics to show how unhealthy we are. A few quotes that I'm probably butchering:

  • 87% of people don't know what a healthy diet is
  • type 2 diabetes is the fastest rising chronic disease
  • every 12 minutes an Australian dies of cardiovascular disease
  • one out of two men develop cancer before 85 (one in three women)

She has me questioning what I classify as processed foods too.

9. Rip Esselstyn - Plant-strong & Healthy Living

Great talk for the 'masculine' meat eaters out there. Rip changes the diets of an entire Texan firehouse. Big results and some surprising reasons why he doesn't eat any animal protein. Even the ones with healthier reputations like eggs, greek yoghurt and salmon.

10. Jamie Oliver - Obesity and Food

The OG of healthy TED Talks. I've watched young Jamie deliver this about four times now. So good.

Did I miss any? So many good TED Talks so there must be another couple of healthy winners.

If you have Netflix, check out the Top 10 Health Food Documentaries.

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