Where Are They Now?

It has been a hot minute since our Executive Chef Miles stood in the Green Press gully.

Though the salad bowls and Krispy Klene donut recipes are archived away. He hasn’t stopped creating marvels.

From intimate 4 course meals as a Head Chef on his home turf of Alice Springs to manifesting glorious canapes and platters for Ministerial and Industry heads of the Top End. While still finding time to aid in grassroots meal preparation for Indigenous Communities Territory wide.

Wanting to create something for everyone with the goal to not only nourish but to inspire, educate, and entertain. Miles has extended his charisma and creativity into other avenues beyond food.

Taking the role of Film Producer for the gem of Darwin International Film Festivals short film category; LURED.

Diving further into production, Miles voices his unique view of culinary philosophy and self-care in a weekly podcast; Peeling Shallots.

Gathering Chefs, Bakers and Bartenders to peel away the multilayered issues of the Hospitality Industry. A vocation part art, part science, and all encompassing.

Paring knifes at the ready Miles and Co. expose issues of sexism, mental health, and employee pay scams as well as offering up tips on how to build a brand, educate your palate, and stay focused and level headed in the hard days.

Found on iTunes, CastBox and Podiant with more streaming platforms to be announced.

Diving deeper into his strengths, Miles is slowly releasing his first novel via WordPress.

The Art of Walking.

Blending true stories and family secrets.

Follow the story of Traeger Morrison.

Planting himself firmly in the ranks of his childhood circle of friends Traeger and best friend K.B take a stand against the violence and petty crime destroying their home town of Alice Springs by selling burnt DVD’s and pirated television shows to help sedate wayward children and teenagers.

This nostalgic look at 2006 highlights the precursors that made way for Netflix, binge watching, and torrenting culture in today’s society.

As well as outlining what went wrong in the towns history that chartered a course of lost opportunity and failure for the youth that most needed it.

Powered by WordPress. New Chapters posted weekly.

Sticking with his love of the Northern Territory and the people within it, Miles has been given the support and backing by family and friends to build a food trailer from the ground up.

Colloquially titled Gammon Sandwiches.

Fusing the culinary classics of the United States of America with local ingredients while keeping a steady focus on a plant based diet.

Gammon Sandwiches takes ques from New Orleans Po Boys, Miami’s Latino hero the Cuban, Philadelphia’s icon the Philly Cheese Steak, and little Italy’s Eggplant Parmigiana.

Already an all-star lineup to choose from, Miles plans for a Green Press rejuvenation within the new brand. As well as some fresh new treats his kept up his sleeve until now.

Aiming to showcase a new dope project every month for the year of 2018.

Miles certainly keeps himself busy.

For more announcements follow Miles’ journey on Instagram.

@mimiohmi OR @gammonsandwiches.

And if you’re in hospitality and want more engaging industry centric content like and subscribe to Peeling Shallots via iTunes, Castbox, or Podiant.

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