Why We Got Out Of The Juice & Salad Game

So. We sold our retail store in Melbourne. We put three years and about 20 000 hours of sweat and passion into it. 

Firstly, a sincere THANK YOU to every single person that came in. We have/had some tremendously loyal visitors. Some of which we would see every single day. THANK YOU. And a big thank you to the hardworking staff that have been such an influential part of this journey.

So What's Happening To The Store?

There's new owners. We hand over all our recipes and a lot of the same products will continue. Same overnight team making the juice, some of the same girls making your peanut butter acai bowls

Why Did We Sell?

Plenty of reasons. The best one; my fiance, Lindsay, who helped set up the store just had our first child. Baby girl, Pia. 

Beyond spending time with family, we wanted to be rewarded for effort. Food retail is unbelievably consuming. Behind the curtain of any food business, even the outrageously successful ones, are a lot of headaches. A broken fridge, a late courier delivery and an upset customer, a challenging landlord, rainy weather. The list is 100 deep.

We gave it a real crack. Learnt hundreds of lessons and made hundreds of new friends. The experience was priceless. But we had to put a price on our time. And we want to reach more people than our Melbourne CBD location allowed. We want to be 100% online. Live the laptop life and impact more people.

What's Next?

We absolutely love creating recipes and sharing what we learn about healthy eating. The Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram channels will live on. In fact, they'll be better than ever. The quality of our content will only improve. Watch out for lot's of videos.

But What Products Will You Offer?

We'll continue giving most of it away for free. Like our eBook guides (for Smoothies and Meals) and our 10 day smoothie detox. We've got a few more of these in the works.

And we'll keep selling our Forever Young superfood. The positive stories we get emailed about how that product changed a customer's skin is really encouraging so we're going to crank that up. And develop a sister line of products that compliment it.

More than anything, we sincerely want to solve your frustrations. So if you need help with a particular health / food frustration please send an email to If we hear from a few people with the same problem, we'll create a product to solve it. Seriously, it's that simple. And those that helped suggest it will get a personal thank you and the product delivered to them for FREE. 

What Else?

Thanks for all the support in store and we look forward to catching you on the world wide web. Big things are coming!

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