Why Limiting Your Fruit Is Ridiculous; You NEED To Eat More

The popularity of health trends and misinformation is rife. They often start with great intentions but for the purpose of consistency and polarising differentiation, they make blanket rules without scientific evidence.

Limiting sugar is a tremendous initiative. Definitely eat less. But show me scientific evidence that says we should only have 1/6 of a banana in a single serve. Show me the scientific evidence that says the fructose from a banana is so destructive that it should take us six meals to eat it.

Yeah. I'm talking to you Sarah Wilson. And no, I'm not talking to the micro percentage of the population that suffers from fructose malabsorption issues or allergies. I'm talking to the 99%. You know, the population whose diet is the biggest factor contributing to disease, disability and death. In case you weren't aware, diet is a bigger health risk than smoking, drugs and alcohol combined. That's in the US. And Australia is just the same.

So let's get this straight. Our current diets are killing us. And 50% of the Australian population aren't eating enough fruit. So shouldn't we be encouraging more fruit? Not less.

And if we were booting fruit from our diet, what do you recommend we snack on? Some white slice made of commercially processed brown rice syrup? I'll discuss the arsenic concerns of rice malt in a future rant.

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But Fruit Is Full Of Sugar

The primary reason fruit is challenged by bloggers is because it contains natural sugars. However, the sugar from fruit is NOT the same as the added sugar. The added sugar, absurdly found in over 70% of supermarket items, is nasty and absolutely contributing to our dietary epidemic.

Fruit on the other hand is full of nutrients and minerals. Bananas, the naughty poster-child of the sugar witch-hunt, are seriously good for you. They provide essential fibre, potassium, vitamin C, B6 and manganese.

But What About The Fructose Overload?

Absolutely no concern. Send me a reviewed scientific article that shows fruit overwhelming the liver and crashing energy levels. Or fruit contributing to weight gain. Here's what the scientific literature I found said:

So What Does That Mean?

Eat fruit. Your body is built to thrive off all off all the vitamins and minerals. They fight disease, help you look younger and give you slow, sustained boosts of energy. The sugars from fruit do NOT overwhelm your liver. Or spike your insulin. In fact, you can throw fruit on top of something sweet and the fruit will actually slow down absorption and minimise your sugar spike. SO EAT MORE FRUIT.

Ok, But What About Fruit Juice?

Cold pressed juice with apple changed my life. It was the gateway to my diet evolving and to me starting this business. Vegetable juice with fruit might lack fibre and therefore spike my energy levels but without that sweet gateway I would have never let raw spinach or kale enter my body. Now I eat salads. My epic sweet tooth is reformed and my palate, strangely and absurdly, craves raw spinach. I eat baby spinach leaves out of the bag like it's popcorn. 

So I've got the vegetables taken care. I just need to increase my fruit.

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