Forever Young - Collagen Superfood
Forever Young - Collagen Superfood

Forever Young - Collagen Superfood

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We want to look and feel younger. Youthful skin. Indefinitely. So we contacted our Naturopath and a bunch of medical journals, and found out that the answer is collagen + vitamin C.

Collagen, a naturally occurring protein, is the building block of healthy skin. And vitamin C reverses the harmful effects of UV exposure on skin by neutralising free radicals. Interestingly though, vitamin C is essential in the synthesis of collagen. Taking a collagen supplement, without vitamin C, won't have the same impact.

So we searched for the best collagen on the market. The most pure source is high quality marine collagen. Wild fish. Yet odourless and tasteless.

And we paired that up with the two highest sources of vitamin C on the planet. One teaspoon of CamuCamu is 12 times your daily needs and Australia's remotely sourced Kakadu Plum is similarly potent.

This anti-aging blend is to be enjoyed in smoothies, cold pressed juice or lemon water. 

Nutrition Information

  Reece Carter BHSc, ANTA Naturopath

Collagen is the magic ingredient for skin firmness and elasticity. If you want to stop the clock on skin ageing, then consuming this potent protein– along with plenty of anti-oxidant vitamin C – is key. Take daily for at least 3-4 weeks to see the difference.


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