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Placenta Encapsulation (Pills)
Placenta Encapsulation (Pills)
Placenta Encapsulation (Pills)

Placenta Encapsulation (Pills)

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We're placenta encapsulation experts in Victoria*, Australia. Using a Traditional Chinese Medicine recipe and organic ingredients, you're sure to come out of that pregnancy fog, faster.


Midwives and new Mums talk about the hormonal balancing properties of placenta. Plus, placenta pills are known to replenish blood and energy stores with iron, ginger and chili.

Also, placenta capsules content selenium. This is great for your mental clarity, which is imperative after your birthing fog. Anecdotally, woman say placenta pills help them feel themselves again, quicker.


We go into all the details HERE, and even show you how to make it.  

However, if you don't have the equipment, or the stomach, we'd love to do it for you.

Our package includes:

  • 60-125 placenta pills (depending on placenta size)
  • Take 2-3 per day
  • Size OO vegan capsules
  • (BONUS) Cord love-heart or Love


We'll need your placenta within two days of birthing and we can get it back (Free Shipping) within 72 hours, often even faster.

If you're within 15kms of Port Melbourne, we'll turn it around even quicker.

*If you're outside of Melbourne and want our services. Freeze it immediately and send it. for bespoke quotes, or a recommended referral.


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