Reece Carter

Reece was a herb-nerd long before he got his Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy). It's been a lifelong passion for all things green and herbie.

A self-confessed gym junkie, it was Reece's love of exercise and good nutrition that led him to his studies in natural medicine. Herbal medicine was once a household skill, but years of running to the pharmacy for a sniffle or to the supermarket for a scratch has left us without the know-how to brew a tea or infuse a tincture to manage those daily health complaints. So Reece created the Garden Pharmacist - his mission to empower you to turn to the garden or the pantry for your medicines, and rediscover the potent medicines that have been masquerading as foods.

As a renowned herbalist, Reece has earned himself the nickname "herb-nerd" in the wellness community, and his writing has been featured in the Australian Women's Weekly and Women's Fitness Magazine as well as on countless blogsā€¦.including our own!

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