Aren't you sick of only being able to find homecooked meals at your house, or your Mum's? But you can't cook and clean every day, or visit the old girl, because you're too busy trying to make more cash at work, cram in some exercise, as well as find cheap airfares for that next getaway.


Why can't you find homemade deliciousness when you leave the house? Well we thought the same thing. That's why we created Green Press. If you don't eat like everyone else, then this is the place for you. Green Press is for the minority. The simple few that actually give a sh*t about what they put in their body. Food needs to be delicious and full of trendy buzzwords. You can describe us as the first organic juice cleanse store or a Melbourne paleo cafe. Most of our deliciousness is vegan and gluten free too.


But just because we are plant-based don't lump us in with the yoga unicorn cafes that run on hope and rainbows. They make kale, taste like well... kale. We’re here to change perceptions. Remove the stigma that healthy food is boring, bland and unsatisfying. How do we do that? By employing New York/Michelin Star trained chefs to replicate favourite foods with veggies. Take our hilariously named Krispy Klean donuts made of… pumpkin. They actually taste bucket-loads better than the preservative filled originals and you can smash a box of these without consequence.


Our nutritional education started with cold pressed juice and so did our pressed juice store in Melbourne. Cold pressed juice is the original lifehack, squashing kilos of organic vegetables into delicious glass bottles. We don’t believe in a Juice Detox or a Cleanse Diet, your body already knows how to detox…it’s called your liver. But we do believe that it needs a little help sometimes. That’s why our delicious juice cleanses exist. And you’re in the expert hands of our Naturopath Reece Carter, who has designed them to be as easy as they are effective.


Simply, Green Press = Nutrition + Flavour. If anything we do doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then guess what, you’re drinking a crap cup of tea. It’s not us, it’s you. Read a book, watch a documentary or better yet, listen to your body the next time you eat that cheap burger with chips. Feel like exercising or checking out a new experience 90 minutes after that? No, you feel like taking a nap and achieving nothing with your day….