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You Need This Simple Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

We talk a lot about inflammation on the Green Press blog. It's just so common. If you make compromises on...

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How To Make An Appetising Apple Smoothie; The American Pie

I'm not normally one for apple smoothies. Not really sure why. Just prefer bananas and berries as the creamy base. Pineapple and mango too. But after visiting the original Liquiteria (an iconic juice bar) in New York I was inspired by their seasonal Apple Crisp recipe. I found theirs a...

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10 Health Foods That Aren't Good For You

The more I investigate healthy eating, the more foods I can't eat. When it comes to food, ignorance is definitely bliss. Ignorance is also cancer though, which I'll get to. So there's that. 10 Unhealthiest Health Foods 1. Salmon Let's start off with a big one. I just discovered that...

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How To Take Care Of Your Ticker; The Braveheart Smoothie

What does big Mel have to do with a healthy smoothie? Isn't he infamous for liking stiffer drinks?  You make good points but Braveheart won our...

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The 25 Foods Your Kitchen Needs At All Time

Essentially, I'm going to show you my shopping list. If any of these products run out, I get them replaced immediately. I think they're critical...

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How To Make Homemade Nutella Chocolate With Probiotics

If that heading doesn't get you excited then you're in the wrong place. This might be the best recipe on here. I love chocolate. I just...

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