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Learn How To Make A Perfect Peanut Butter Acai Bowl

The acai or smoothie bowl. Instagram famous since 2014. Our most popular recipe was the chocolate and peanut butter version....

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Here's How To Make A Walter White Smoothie

Don't worry (or sorry to disappoint), we're not going to use any of the pharmaceuticals that Walter mastered. But we're going to create his famous Blue Sky look with a pharmaceutical grade algae. Blue Majik is a unique strain of spirulina by the guys from E3Live. It has unique anti-inflammatory...

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How To Eat More Iron & Feel Like A Superhero

I wanted to create a smoothie that brought together the strongest sources of plant based iron. It was pretty easy to come up with a name. Thanks Robert Downey Jnr and the comic book that came before you. Why Is Iron Important? I wasn't really sure. That is until my...

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How To Smash A Fat Smoothie That Makes You Slim

Fats are making a comeback. But it's not easy. If most of us are trying not to look fat, then why would we eat it? That's...

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5 Ginger Smoothie Recipes That Are So Good, Ed Sheeran Approves

Thanks Ed. He's a good egg. What other famous 'gingers' could I have gone with in that headline? Here's my non-Google, top of head list:...

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Popeye's Green Smoothies Will Absolutely Make You Healthy

Popeye's favourite food is my number one smoothie ingredient. Unquestionably. It's the first thing that goes in my blender each morning. Handfuls of it. I probably...

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