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You Need To Fuel Your Mind With This Chilli Con Veggie

I've just finished reading the audiobook The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It was my favourite audiobook this year. Absolute game-changer. It's about prioritising the most important goal in your life and setting aside uninterrupted time every day to work on it. Be focused, achieve greatness. Sounds nice. ...

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It's Time To Indulge, Guilt Free, With Magnum Egos

 According to it's own website Magnum Egos are described as nothing but pure decadance. Which we would have to agree with. So of course we needed to take this treat and make it guilt free. The ice cream may have a slight banana taste but I promise the caramel is spot...

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The 5 Audiobooks That You Need To Listen To

Yep, I listen to books now. Writing and editing this blog is the only thing that keeps illiteracy at bay. I've traded in traditional reading. ...

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You'll Stay Energised With Our Mocha Protein Balls

The ultimate energy ball. Coffee. Chocolate. Protein. Doesn't get any better. These will get you through any work day. Satisfying those caffeine and sweet tooth...

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Is Coffee Healthy? You'll Be Shocked At The Results

Let's investigate the holy grail of health questions. Is coffee healthy? Before we get into the science, let me tell you about my relationship with the black...

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