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You Need To Make This Collagen Smoothie For Younger Skin

You are what you eat. And your skin is only as healthy as your diet. By eating antioxidant rich foods...

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Popeye's Green Smoothies Will Absolutely Make You Healthy

Popeye's favourite food is my number one smoothie ingredient. Unquestionably. It's the first thing that goes in my blender each morning. Handfuls of it. I probably eat 2kgs (4.5lbs) of it a week. To me, spinach is the easiest green leaf to eat because it's the least bitter. However, even though...

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How To Conquer Your Hangover With Activated Charcoal

Booze gets to me these days. I must have used up all of my hangover-free vouchers. Or maybe I'm just out of practice. Whatever the case, it only takes two drinks for this old man to wake up and feel shizen. And if it's a special occasion and I add a...

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The Heavenly Protein Smoothie That You Need

Need protein but want to keep it clean? Are your mornings mayhem and can't find time for breakfast? Enter the Peanut Butter Biceps.  This five...

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The 25 Best Plant-Based Proteins That You Need To Be Eating

Protein can help you lose weight, reduce fat mass, promote fullness and shrink your waistline. However, protein isn't protein. I'm not a vegan, or even a vegetarian....

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How To Make The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Unless you're a sedentary person with a perfect diet, you suffer from inflammation. I certainly do. What Is Inflammation? Inflammation is a protective mechanism triggered...

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