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You'll Love This Simple Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

There's few better fruits than ripe, organic strawberries. Sweet, juicy and one of the best sources of vitamin C. Also a decent source of fibre. I love loading up on strawberries during summer and freezing a big bag of them. It's the only way you should eat them outside of strawberry...

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The 9 Protein Sources For Your Smoothie That Will Make You Look Good Naked

I'm often ranting on about the need for protein. Particularly in smoothies. Our Naturopath showed that protein is pivotal in hormone, skin and liver health. And this study confirms that high protein diets are brilliant for weightloss. Plus, the study shows that plant based sources are better for you than animal. So the next time...

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The Detoxing Lemon Meringue Smoothie That Will Make You Feel Amazing

It's hard to be humble with this recipe. It puts a tick in every box. So simple. So much flavour. And so healthy.  Every health...

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The Best 13 Superfoods For Your Smoothies

Without getting google involved, I think the term superfood applies to any food with extra strong nutritional properties. For instance, an orange is renowned for its...

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How To Make An Illegal Brownie Smoothie

Unlike the U.S, hemp seeds are deemed illegal in Australia. Our ignorant government is unable to distinguish between the stuff with THC (cannabis, mary j, OG...

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