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How To Make A Simple Chia Pudding With Holy Water

I first discovered chai seeds when I read Chris McDougall's Born To Run. Brilliant book about the Tarahumara tribe who...

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Peanut Butter & Chickpea Blondies: Your New Treat

My biggest nutritional weakness is my sweet tooth. If it wasn't for guilt and the fear of a crippling stomach ache I could eat a shopping cart full of chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, cake and anything else with sugar and preservatives.The challenge is keeping those cravings at bay whilst avoiding...

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Every Healthy Kitchen Needs These 7 Tools

I recently made an $80 purchase that changed my kitchen, provoking me to think about all the other tools I take for granted. So I thought it’s time to keyboard down my favourites, just in case you have an Amazon addiction that needs enabling. Let’s go through my seven favourites,...

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How To Make A Superfood Smoothie With Turmeric & Hemp

  Turmeric was unofficially crowned as the 2016/2017 superfood of the year. Like Danish furniture (not Swedish, sorry Ikea), it became a fashion trend. And...

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27 Smoothies - January 2018 - Week 4

Massive congrats to everyone that has enjoyed 21 straight smoothies. We're officially on the home straight and there's a few new combos to try. One...

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8 Anti-Ageing Nutrients Guaranteed To Make You Look Younger

Beauty comes from the inside out. That’s not just another line you tell your best friend after being dumped. There’s actual scientific evidence to prove...

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