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How To Make An Exceptional 3 Minute Hummus

Hummus, or houmous, is your perfect inbetweener. The 10am or 3pm problem solver. One thing that surprised me is just...

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How To Make A Superfood Smoothie With Turmeric & Hemp

  Turmeric was unofficially crowned as the 2016/2017 superfood of the year. Like Danish furniture (not Swedish, sorry Ikea), it became a fashion trend. And the ancient Indian spice is still in the spotlight. Turmeric fights inflammation, boosts your immune system and stains your kitchen. It goes great in turmeric...

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27 Smoothies - January 2018 - Week 4

Massive congrats to everyone that has enjoyed 21 straight smoothies. We're officially on the home straight and there's a few new combos to try. One ingredient that will probably stand out is hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are an unbelievable source of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and 6), promoting weight loss, lowering...

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27 Smoothies - January 2018 - Week 3

Huge congratulations if you've got through our first two weeks. And no judgement if you've dropped the ball a few times but still persevering into...

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27 Smoothies - January 2018 - Week 2

Huge congratulations to those that have maintained the habit from Jan 1. And welcome to those newbies who joined us after kick off. Week 2...

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The 10 Health Food Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

If you're looking to take control of your health and adopt a better diet, there's few better ways to learn than watching a doco. They're...

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