Starts April 1st. 27 ridiculous smoothie recipes + shopping lists. All FREE. Let's clean our acts up together.


How To Make A Simple Chia Pudding With Holy Water

I first discovered chai seeds when I read Chris McDougall's Born To Run. Brilliant book about the Tarahumara tribe who...

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27 Smoothies - Your Week 4 Gameplan

Massive congrats to everyone that has enjoyed 21 straight smoothies. We're officially on the home straight and there's a few new combos to try. One ingredient that will probably stand out is hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are an unbelievable source of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and 6), promoting weight loss, lowering cholesterol...

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27 Smoothies - Your Week 3 Gameplan

Huge congratulations if you've got through our first two weeks. And no judgement if you've dropped the ball a few times but still persevering into week three. This week sees us recycle a few recipes, but mostly, they're originals. Looking for some Facebook feedback on what hit's the spot and what doesn't. ...

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27 Smoothies - Your Week 2 Gameplan

Week two of 27 smoothies sees some familiar ingredients and some newbies. Can you tell I love peanut butter and almond butter in my smoothies?...

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27 Smoothies - Your Week 1 Gameplan

If you want to eat more fruit and vegetables (and all of us need to), then make a morning smoothie as common as a morning shower....

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Peanut Butter & Chickpea Blondies: Your New Treat

My biggest nutritional weakness is my sweet tooth. If it wasn't for guilt and the fear of a crippling stomach ache I could eat a...

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