Top 4 Tips To Help Prepare Your Body For A Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse is a great way to give your elimination pathways – the liver, kidney, lymphatics, lungs, and digestive system – a break from toxic overload, allowing them to heal. When undertaking a cold pressed juice cleanse it's important to remember that cleansing is as much about what you take out as it is about what you put in. It can be a big shock to a system that isn’t ready for it, and so it’s important to start preparing two days beforehand to give yourself the best cleanse experience. 

How To Prepare For A Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse 

Here's my top 3 tips for preparing your body for a juice cleanse: 

1. Remove Caffeine

All caffeine containing drinks, coffee, tea and energy drinks should be removed from your diet. We often don’t realise how much we rely on caffeine to get us through our day, and the first few days of withdrawal can often bring lethargy and headaches with them. Get it out of the way before your juice cleanse starts by replacing tea and coffee with herbal teas and lots of rest.

2. Put Down That Glass of Wine!

It’s no secret that alcohol places a burden on the liver, but did you know that while it’s busy filtering the weekend’s indulgences from your body, it can’t turn its attention to its other responsibilities? Get the alcohol cleared from your system early so that your liver is up to the job!

3. Reduce Animal Protein

Start reducing animal protein like Meat, Fish, and Eggs. Proteins and fats require a lot more work to digest, and during your cleanse you won’t be eating any of these guys, so wean yourself off early and make it less of a shock.

4. Increase Your Water & Veggie Intake

Proper hydration is one of our most powerful detoxification tools – don’t underestimate it! It shifts toxic build-up from under the skin and transports it to the liver and kidneys for elimination, so drink up and flush the baddies out with water, the elixir of life!

Increase your veggie intake. I mean especially the bitter green ones here like spinach, cress, and rocket. These greens not only deliver essential nutrients, but also stimulate enzyme release and liver function.

Happy cleansing!

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