The 10 Health Food Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

This is the list of documentaries that have tangibly changed our lives. Not only have they improved our eating habits but some of these documentaries were the reason we started Green Press. We were so empowered we risked our life savings to be surrounded by plants. Settle down for a night in, make yourself some healthy popcorn and let the education begin.. 

Top 10 Life-Changing Docos You Have To See

10. Super Size Me

This internationally acclaimed doco changed the game. Both the film game and the food game. Whilst most of us know McDonald's is horrible, Morgan Spurlock showed the world just how bad fast food is for our health. And in doing so, he started this wave of health conscious documentaries. I bet some of the movies on this list wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Spurlock releasing this in 2004.

9. May I Be Frank

Big Frank from Brooklyn heads to California to have his life changed by the guys from Cafe Gratitude. What makes this overweight/sick transition to a healthy guy so enjoyable is that Frank is hilarious and raw. This film is emotional, educational and entertaining. Great behind the scenes footage of someone changing their life through food.

8. Vegucated

Vegucated follows three New Yorkers who are challenged to go vegan for six weeks. This film not only depicts the health improvements that come with a plant based diet but it also exposes some of our animal production methods in confronting scenes. It's full on. It's really interesting seeing the challenges of veganism when we live in a very unvegan society. 

Similar to a few more docos on this list, it can be hard to watch something that you know will push you towards veganism. But blissful ignorance needs to be challenged. Thats when we grow.

7. Hungry For Change

"We are not eating food any more. We are eating food like products."

The same team that made Food Matters, this doco looks at the diet industry, our sugar consumption and the insincere marketing of food. Dieting is unsuccessful for a reason. Watch this movie to learn lifestyle habits that will make you lose weight and be sustainably healthy. 

6. Cowspiracy

As the title suggests, this movie addresses the global beef and dairy industry. Specifically, what impact all these four legged animals have on our planet. This film brings serious awareness to the sustainability crisis that we're not even aware of. Famous non-profit organisations are also exposed for not bringing this to our attention. You'll want to go vegan after this but don't be scared by the challenge. Cowspiracy is an absolute must watch.

Read our full review of Cowspiracy. 

5. Fed Up

fed up movie review

This film shows the influence that big businesses have on government and how that trickles down to what foods are available, to the point that fast food franchises infilitrate school menus in the US. Even Michelle Obama, who tries to "fight the power", does a strange backflip after being hushed by the big food companies. These global food companies run shit. This movie is as much anti-fast food as it is anti-government. Self educate yourself people, it might be 2016 but the man still has the upper hand.

Check out our full review on Katie Couric's bone rattler.

4. Forks Over Knives

Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer are all growing at an alarming rate because of our western diet. Processed foods and excessive animal protein are why we are sick. These poor choices cost the world billions of dollars in medical bills. The solution is shockingly simple. Eat a plant based diet. Prevent and reverse disease. Take responsibility for your health.

3. Food Matters

food matters movie

"We're poisoning ourselves with highly processed, nutrient depleted foods."

Before Forks Over Knives was Food Matters. This Australian produced movie brilliantly shows the connection between diet and sickness. We can't rely on pharmaceutical companies or magic bullets. Your health is directly controlled by what you put in your mouth. You can absolutely prevent, and even reverse, chronic disease by eating healthily. Food matters.

2. Food, Inc.

Probably the most famous on this list. And for good reason. Another absolute game-changing documentary featuring all of the biggest names in the industry including our favourite, Michael Pollan. This 2008 film connects the dots between big business and government, farmers and consumers, convenience eating and sickness. Food, Inc. is confronting but also inspirational. We have the power, as consumers, to see better food choices. 

1. Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

Joe Cross' documentary has changed lives, especially ours. We give him a lot of the credit for the cold pressed juice wave that has taken over every major city in the world. However, more than that, his documentary shows the simple power of vegetables. They cure sickness. The human body runs on colourful plants. It does. If you don't like their taste, cold press them into a juice or blend them into a smoothie. Eventually the good will overtake the bad and you'll be eating greens every day.

You won't be sick, you'll look younger and you'll have the energy to make sh*t happen. At least that has been our experience. Joe Cross' documentary led us to opening our own organic food and juice shop. We went from $1 slice pizzas, PBRs and huge bowls of cheap cereal to putting our life savings into an organic food and juice shop. 

Please watch these films if you haven't already. And please show them to friends of yours that are less nutritionally educated. These 90 minute documentaries are some of the best education tools we have.


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