How To Conquer Your Hangover With Activated Charcoal

Booze gets to me these days. I must have used up all of my hangover-free vouchers. Or maybe I'm just out of practice. Whatever the case, it only takes two drinks for this old man to wake up and feel shizen. And if it's a special occasion and I add a few glasses of scotch to the mix, look out. The next day is in the bin.

To prevent the heavy hangover I force myself to get out of bed and give my liver a hand. The goal is to flush those toxins out.

I turn to activated charcoal. Also useful with food poisonings, activated charcoal is going to travel through me and absorb the toxins. Like a bouncer walking through a nightclub, grabbing the rough customers and showing them the door. 

Now it's not perfect. Activated charcoal, like a bouncer, is going to mistakenly grab some good folks too. It can remove good bacteria along with pathogens. However, I sort out the deficit later by having some probiotic rich greek yoghurt. Either by adding it to my Hangover Smoothie or having it with granola later in the day. 

Back to this concoction... Lemon is the next ingredient. Another friend of your liver. He's going to help restore the pH balance that you destroyed the night before.

Lastly, coconut water. Because you need electrolytes, but that doesn't mean Gatorade. 

And that's it. Blend this three ingredient combo and get it in your belly. Enjoy something a little more filling when you're able to get off the couch next. But that doesn't mean the biggest plate of bacon and eggs ever made. Remember that pizza you had on the way home chubs? Hangovers are clean days, not cheat days. Do your body a favour after hammering it the night before.

Activated Charcoal Hangover Helper

  • Makes 1 serving
  • Takes a lot of effort when hungover



  • Blend and get it down
  • Good luck today


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