About You

You know what you should be eating.

And you know why you should be doing it.

Veggies make you look better. It sounds narcissistic, and it is, but you know that when you eat cleaner, you look better naked. You feel good about yourself. You're sick less. And you have the energy to attack that to-do list.

But the problem is, you don't eat healthy as often as you'd like. You make compromises. Sure, there's the 80/20 rule, but because you're so busy, it's more like 70/30. Or 60/40. You don't have the time to eat well. Especially every day.

About Us

We make it easier to eat healthy.

We create simple recipes that take no time at all.

Our entire focus is the most vegetables in the least amount of time.

And it has to taste good. There's no kale and water cleanse here. We're foodies. If our tastebuds don't give it the all clear, we're not eating it. And we're certainly not telling you to.

Green Press is here to help you live longer, have more energy and look better naked. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. We're all Narcissistic Neds that want to be our best.

This website will inspire you to get in the kitchen and make that happen.


Leveraging help from my talented wife Lindsay and chef brother Miles, most of the content here is curated by James McLoughlin.

I'm now a father of two gorgeous girls. That's why the website hasn't got the daily attention it did. 

I'm a smoothie feign, recovering sugar head and part time entrepreneur. I've got another website which will help you find who will win the US Election